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    For Immediate Release June 23th, 2006

    Torrance, CA - The United States Drifting Association is pleased to announce their partnership with Formula Drift, Inc. in the creation of the Formula Drift Pro-Am Series. The Formula Drift Pro-Am Series is the first and only official amateur drifting championship in the United States tied to a professional series. This partnership will help in furthering the progression of the sport of drifting on all skill levels here in the United States.

    The Formula Drift Pro-Am Series was created to provide amateur drivers with a recognized national ranking series. The main goal of the Series is to create a competition format that amateurs can afford to attend and still perform competitively as they progress in skill level through the sport. Another goal of the series is to help prepare drivers for the professional level by creating a series that requires some of the similar rigors (travel, logistics, and competition format) of the Formula Drift Pro Championship. The Formula Drift Pro-Am Series will also award the top drivers competition licenses for the 2007 season of the Formula Drift Pro Championship.

    “This is the solidarity and uniformity the sport needs. It is programs like this that will make the foundation of drifting stronger. Formula Drift is pleased to be an integral part of the U.S. Drift Association and all its affiliated associations.” Stated Jim Liaw, Co-Founder, Managing Director of Formula Drift, Inc.

    The Formula Drift Pro-Am Series has been created to promote the amateur level of drifting in the United States and is the product of the newly created U.S. Drifting Association (USDA). The U.S. Drifting Association consists of members from the top drifting organizations across the country including Drift Association, U.S. Drift, Just Drift, Daily Drifter, SEDA, and Club FR. For more information on the U.S. Drifting Association, their sponsors and affiliates, please visit them online at:

    **Negotiations with additional organizations are currently being conducted. This is not the final list of affiliates.

    Entering its third season, Formula Drift Championship, produced by Formula Drift, Inc., continues to expand into new markets as the first and only sanctioned and recognized North American professional drifting championship series. This high-skilled, high-powered motor sport where drivers intentionally maneuver their cars into well-executed, controlled sideways slides at high speeds through a marked course, has more than 40 professional drivers competing in all seven competitions this year.

    Judged on execution and style, rather than who finishes the course in the fastest time, Drifting is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and is often compared to the freestyle nature of skateboarding and motocross. Drivers and Formula Drift also serve as ambassadors for the sport of drifting bringing exhibitions to traditional or mainstream motor sports events across the country which have included: multiple Champ Car World Series races, American Le Mans, USAC, NASCAR Busch North & Featherlite Southwest and the SPEED World Challenge, among others.

    Press Release

    ...more news to follow.

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    wow bout time!!!! where do i sign up!! keep us updated on where to sign up


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      hmmm....USDA approved, sounds yummy


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        Awesome!! watch out for the GT3!!!!!!!


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          hrmm glad there is more competitions comming but sounds like it is going to be even harder for privateers. Travel for ametuer comp to get your license??? Travel for pro level is already $$$.... oh well thats life.


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            HMMMM ,sounds interesting,lets see the schedule & details??!!!...


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              excellent. this has been in the works for some time so i'm glad it's finally happening.

              I'm going to build a jalopy to challenge ///AMG in the series. ha!