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Using Simulations for Drift Practice

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  • Using Simulations for Drift Practice

    Have any real drifters have compared GT3 to real drifting and what do they think of the physics? I was just wondering if the physics are good enough to practice drifting with.

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    does it make you shite your pants when your heading to for the wall. Dose it through you back in your seat when you hit the gas. How can a 35$ game even compare to what you actully see, hear, feel in a drift car. Maybe NASA can build a stimulater but PS never will.


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      You can play all the games in the world, with the best graphics latest newest things i.e. force feed-back, clutch... and none will ever compare to the feel of adrenaline and phyical feeling of racing,drifting dragging any car...


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        not what hes asking guys. He wants to know if the physics are real. You know.. unlike lets say the initial D arcade game..


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          Koguchi sucks at racing games cause he can't feel the G's when drifting in a game
          but in reality.....he one of the best


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            Actually i think GT4 has a much better physics engine than GT3... it's less slide-y, but you can really 'feel' the weight of the car when you corner. One of the main weaknesses of using a game to drift with is probably the lack of a clutch and the location of the shifters on the wheel/controller. It's a bit different having to reach for the shifter, etc. when driving. Of course if you have a couple hundred to drop on a racing wheel, they have the new Logitech wheel


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              The physics engine in GT3 isn't completely real, I think we all understand that. It's probably the closest you'll get while sitting on your couch to the real thing though. Games and simulators teach you about theory behind the real thing, but until you apply that to a real situation that's all it will be...just theory.

              Edit: Funny that not being able to feel G's in a driving game comes just try to imagine what happens to the FNG's when they light up the burners for the first time after dicking around on sims and props.


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                The best game is actually a simulator called Live For Speed(a lot of drifters play this game because of how real it is).Its a project done by 3 developers who are not selling out,so I can gurantee it wiill only get better.
                GT3 is great,but the provlem is that it is a mass marketed game.So in order for it to sell,they need to have a certain element of arcade physics to it.A real simulator doesn't have that element ie Live For Speed.And the tuning is far more vast,basiclly what you can do to your car can almost be done in LFS ie changing scrub radius,etc,If you were to do what your doing in GT3 for grip or drift,I gurantee you would end up in a wall in LFS,that's the difference.GT3 doesn't gice you a clutch to clutch kick,it doesn't give you tires that grip similiar to real tires,it doesn't give you a fuel cut off option when you shift,it just does it anyways.


                That's a video of Coilover Kid's LFS team,there good,and that is just an example of what can be done in LFS.


                Its 140mb or so for the full version(it gives you two tracks if you don't unlock it).The good part,its less than $20US to unlock.