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" drifting " by antonio alvendia

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  • " drifting " by antonio alvendia

    ive been looking for it since the beganing of the month, yesterday i stop by the book store to if was out yet. as i stood in front of the auto section i had my hand on my chin thinking to myself damnit when are these bastards going to put it on the shelf. as im cursing the store a attractive older lady walks by and catches my eye. i continued to watch her as she passes the isle. then out of no where bam theres the book i *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* you not if it wernt for me looking at her *Censored**Censored**Censored* i would have never even seen it. it was in the sports section i never looked there no telling how long its been in the store.
    then i began to curse antonio for makeing it a hard back i just asumed it was going to be 30 + dollars being a hard back. so i grab it like someone else is going to steal it from me and make a dash for the register. the total came to 21$ i then thought by bad he hooked it up 20$ sweet.
    so far ive only read calvin and your intos. and my favorvite pic is by far the frist one of the eightsix above im assuming SF , thats a sick pic and you didnt even give it a credit. sadly my car didnt make the cut as i flipping though the pages i hopeing to see my car, but oh well i noticed some AEs didnt make the cut either. some drivers only got their back and quarter panel printed.
    the only true beef i have is he didnt print any photos from ebisu i know hes got some ill *Censored**Censored**Censored* pics ive seen some on myspace where hes in the car with kumo and infront of the graveyard. i want to see some more graveyard pics and the photos of the sunrising while drifting at ebisu. come now why are you holding back on us.

    i made this thread in hopes for every to go pick up a copy and support antonio and his book. im hoping you sell enough copies to make another book.

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    Yeah I saw the first copy and it was dope!


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      Originally posted by Al
      Yeah I saw the first copy and it was dope!
      before or after the fat chick sat on it?


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        Cannot give enough praise for this incredible book.


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          Its really a good book. awesome pictures, great event coverage, and well written. Props to Antonio for taking forever, but well worth the wait.


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            I bought my copy for the coffee table. Great pictures in there.
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              Awesome book Antonio!!!
              Hubert Young
              KORE 8 Films


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                $13.57 on Amazon. Just ordered mine.


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                  the pictures in that book make me


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                    Forget B&N and Amazon. Order yours direct from Antonio!



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                      THANK YOU from Antonio Alvendia


                      Thanks alot for all the support you guys!

                      you are hilarious, I'm glad your love of MILFs has led you to find my book! Ahh, how fitting! But good looking out! Yep you're right, the photo in the front of the book is from San Francisco, I was chillin with Calvin Wan and Martin Harjani when I shot the pic. The owner of the AE86 coupe in the pic is a guy by the name of Harvey, from the bay area!

                      Al Lagura and Alex Pfeiffer:
                      thank you guys sooooooo much for supporting me and the book! Serious, I'm so glad you like it! Especially you Alex! I know you're the kind of guy who only voices his REAL opinion and not any BS! And since you have only said good things about the book, I think it's awesome! Since you both are real drifting OGs, I'm so glad you guys liked it!

                      I saw your S14 on Valley Blvd in Industry the other day, is it going to China now or what?!

                      Mike Maez:
                      Dude thanks for the props man. Especially coming from a talented photographer like yourself!

                      THANK YOU Aaron, hatebobbarker and Cameltouge for the props!!! This book was made by a real drifting enthusiast FOR real drifting enthusiasts like you guys!!!

                      DRIFTING Changed My Life!!! I live it and breathe it just like you guys. Nonstop shooting drifting events, all over the world. What could be better than that.

                      SUPPORT DRIFTING and buy my book directly from !!!

                      Antonio Alvendia
                      Cipher Garage

                      PS: I have a special offer!
                      As a "thank you" to everyone who buys the book, I'm going to be giving out FREE A'pex/Imamura D1 Project T-shirts to the first 75 people who purchase signed copies from !

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