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MOTOREX Investigation.. old new but look!

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  • MOTOREX Investigation.. old new but look!

    this was copied off skylines down under forum.. the detective name is

    detective hsu

    First, let me introduce myself. I am a detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I work a multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency vehicle theft task force in Los Angeles County called TRAP. I picked up the criminal investigation against Motorex and Hiroaki Nanahoshi a little over two weeks ago. The case started in 2005 when someone from Motorex reported the theft of (5) Skylines from their shop. That investigation was originally handled out of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Compton Station.

    Since then, Hiro and an accomplice had been arrested on some other charges. That criminal case is being handled by detectives from Compton Sheriff’s Station. The case I am handling centers on fraud committed by Motorex as a corporation, and by Hiro, it’s president.

    Motorex was a Registered Importer of Nissan Skylines, authorized by NHTSA/DOT to do so after certain testing and other requirements were met. Motorex imported these cars for many servicemen, and also for sale to customers in the United States. One of the requirements was that Motorex had to perform modifications and upgrades to these vehicles before NHTSA would allow them to be released to the general public.

    I served a search warrant approximately two weeks ago at Motorex’s now abandoned shop. The only Skyline left there was one that had been crashed, and stripped. I seized numerous items of paperwork, many identifying vehicles and owners.

    In these two weeks, I have learned many things. I have examined several Skylines, and I have talked to many people. There are several key points which I wish to make with the Skyline community here.

    First, I have been in contact with NHTSA. They are aware of numerous issues with Motorex and the vehicles which Motorex had released or sold. After identifying a problem, they investigated, and when they had enough evidence to support their case, they revoked Motorex’s importation status. There appears to be evidence of fraud on the part of Motorex, but NHTSA is aware that the owners of these vehicles (third party purchasers and owners who had contracted with Motorex to have work performed) are victims. NHTSA has stated that they have every desire to work with Skyline owners to bring their vehicles up to standards, and ultimately, release the bonds on the vehicles. NHTSA is sympathetic to everyone’s plight, and I do not believe that they are the enemy here. Although I do not work for, or can speak on NHTSA’s behalf, I can say that I do not believe that they are going to crash through people’s doors to seize their Skylines. In fact, NHTSA is a regulatory agency, and not an enforcement agency.

    Second, Detective Salmon and I are investigating a criminal case against Motorex. We are not out to seize anyone’s Skylines unless they are stolen. We are interested in pursuing this case because we believe that a lot of people have been defrauded, and we want to secure prosecution of any guilty parties involved. If anyone is in possession or know of the whereabouts of the Skylines with the following chassis numbers, then you need to contact me. These vehicles have been reported stolen.

    1. BNR34-403075
    2. BNR34-400755
    3. BNR34-005468
    4. BNR32-312046
    5. BNR32-214507

    Additionally, all of the Skylines that belong to customers that were at Motorex, but are no longer there since the business is now empty, may also be stolen. Contact me if your vehicle has disappeared, or you think you may have one of those vehicles.

    You may be a victim of fraud if:

    1. You contracted with Motorex or Hiro to import a Skyline from Motorex, but the vehicle was not delivered or has since disappeared.

    2. You bought a Skyline from Motorex, but the vehicle was not delivered.

    3. You bought a Skyline from Motorex, but the vehicle does not meet U.S. standards.

    4. You contracted with Motorex to modify your Skyline to U.S. standards, but the Skyline still does not conform to U.S. standards.

    I can be contacted at my office number, which is (562) 345-4262. I have prepared a complaint form which I urge you to complete and send back to me if you feel that you are a victim.

    Thank you.

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    I believe this was already posted here... but i could be wrong.

    what was the date on that? wasn't it a few months ago?

    ah yes, here's more info:
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      i duna i checked but to no avail.. if it was mods please delete


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        Probably needs to be left up if people are still having problems.

        Could be a trap though, like show up with your Skyline to receive a free trip to Cancun and bang, you are a smiley face in a cheap leather jacket on America's Most Wanted as the Skyline Bandit who defies the very laws of the environment.


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          no i dont think they would do that considering people invested money into a company that lied to them about what they were getting..


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            Oh man thats serious business. Has anyone called the Police department in Compton to see if everything there checks out? This is a suprise to me cause Motorex always came off a respected business, but this just reveals a complete 180 of that.

            PS- I was just reading some of the stuff on the link and some of it is just hilarious on how its phrased, for instance

            "Most of the cars discovered in the investigation look like vehicles commonly seen on the road. These stolen cars, however, have been enhanced with high-performance engines and spoilers to go faster, he said."

            Also apparently it was called "Operation V-Tec" even though its concerning Skylines.... still though this story is really really deep. This is weird cause this is the first time I'm reading anything about this.
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              Originally posted by NismoSigma View Post
              Oh man thats serious business. Has anyone called the Police department in Compton to see if everything there checks out? This is a suprise to me cause Motorex always came off a respected business, but this just reveals a complete 180 of that.
              you can look up the information on the LA County Justice Bureau. But this has been happening for the better part of a year, as I mentioned, this isn't exactly 'breaking news' but is important for people to know.

              Name: NANAHOSHI , HIROAKI

              Case Number COMTA083561-01
              Filed At Compton Courthouse
              Filing Date 02/22/2006
              Limited Jurisdiction
              Count Charge Code Charge Description** Disposition Disposition Date
              01 524 PC ATTEMPTED EXTORTION *

              02 664-207(A) PC ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING *

              03 245(A)(1) PC ASSAULT W DEADLY WEAPON/INSTR. *

              04 244.5(B) PC ASSAULT W/STUN GUN OR TASER *

              05 140(A) PC THREATENING A WITNESS *