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Blake Fuller - Enters Formula D

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  • Blake Fuller - Enters Formula D

    * Braille Auto Racing with Blake Fuller join the Formula D Professional Drift Series *
    Summit Point, WV (June 4th, 2007) – Braille Auto Racing Team enters the Formula D Professional Racing Series at Round 3 held at Summit Point, West Virginia. The Formula D is well known for its high level involvement from Vehicle Manufacturers to aftermarket companies. This series is a test of both vehicle and driver and an obvious step for the Braille Auto Racing Team. Currently in 1st place in another national point series event, Braille Auto seeks to learn new way to build better products for racing vehicles and promote their current line of products in the Formula D series.

    Driven by Blake Fuller a professional drifting instructor and driver for OEM companies around the World, Braille Auto will campaign their Nissan 350z race car in the Formula D series. Blake relates, “The Formula D series requires many changes to our current set up to be competitive, both from the driver and the vehicle and I am very excited to be a part of these changes necessary to compete! Through the remainder of the year, you will see Braille Auto adding more and more power to the 350z and taking weight off the car wherever we can to get to the highest level of tune from the car. We have teamed with Vortech Engineering to provide forced induction to the VQ35 and Forged Performance a well-known 350z tuner to perfect our engine management set-up. All of the top 16 vehicle in Formula D have power-to-weight ratios of 6lbs per horsepower or better, we are at 8.5lbs/hp so the team has some work to do to get there, which I am sure they will. Using the Vortech Supercharger we are going to raise our boost levels to get more power, and shedding weight from cars is what Braille Auto does best, so we should be in a much better position very soon! From a driver’s stand point, the Formula D events are very exciting because all of the courses are run on a full-time race track and boast much higher speeds than any other drifting series out there; often above 90mph is reached at many of the courses. The level of the drivers also provides the positive peer pressure to always improve your driving. Competing in the Formula D series will make us a stronger team and provide the feedback to our sponsors to ensure the best products for their customers. ”

    Formula D Round 3 Braille Auto Racing managed to place 6th in the Top 32 qualifying field. Bob Broderick, Operations Manager for Braille Racing states, “Our placement of top 6 was a great accomplishment when you consider the vehicle had been still set up for lower speed courses and the Summit Point track was definitely not a low speed course! In fact, this course was the most difficult course so far this year for us and it showed. Blake is a very talented driver that normally can perform 98% on a course within a couple runs. It was taking some time to shake down our new set up and nail the course. It all came together for the top 32 which moved us on to Saturday’s qualifying for the top 16.”

    In the top 16 qualifying Braille Auto feel just outside the sweet 16 with a top 20 effort but not enough to get into the big show. Blake explains, “In the practice with the Top 32 drivers it was very easy to note that I was going to have to really put on a 110% effort with our car to even have a chance at the final rounds. During our qualifying run I was getting a bit too comfortable with the course and I was trying for a very high qualifying run and I came in a little hot on one of the corners and went just past the outer clipping point (boundary in drifting) resulting in a lower score. Regardless of this slight mishap the weekend was very productive for realizing what we need to change to the car and what I need to work on to get us into the top 16 field. I look forward to our next round where we can test these upcoming changes.”

    Braille Auto Racing will be competing at Rounds 6 & 7 with the Braille Auto Racing Nissan 350z car and may attend rounds 4 & 5 with either the Nissan 350z or the EDO Performance Drift S13. Helping Braille Auto Racing in their Formula D efforts are Maxxis Tires, Vortech Engineering Superchargers, Forged Performance, Rays Wheels, Enjuku Racing, Spec Clutch, K Sport, D2 Suspension, Skunk2 Racing, Tomei Japan,,, EDO Performance, Venice Nissan and Kure International.
    Braille Racing is a division of Braille LLC, which owns and operates lightweight product manufacturing companies Braille Batteries, Braille Seats, and the Braille Auto Development Product Line. Braille LLC distributes and sells the World’s only Carbon Fiber Battery line. Braille also manufactures seats, titanium components and provides peace of mind for consumers with the Braille Power Protector battery saving device. Additional information can be found at

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    Best of luck to blake!


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      Good luck Blake!!

      See you in Denver.


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        go get'em blake


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          GO Blake...GO Braille Auto...GO Vortech!!

          See you guys this weekend.