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86's cant be another fad

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  • 86's cant be another fad

    i mean, people see it in initial d and are like, "wow, wish i had one!" but in all truth, its drifting abilities are real to the hype! Thats why people cant compare em to a civic where it looks fast but isnt.

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    They wont be a fad, because there to old, to few, and to needy.

    Guys who fall for fads go for flash to impress people. A old beatup 86 with a 130 hp engine and sundamaged paint will only impress hardcore drifting guys, and then only with its potential.


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      Um a GTS doesn't look fast and isnt fast by any stretch. Actually an SI civic prolly outrun it in a drag stock to stock.


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        haha 86 corollas are NOT fast! the 4ag 16v that comes in them is poo-poo slow! All my 86 ownin friends will tell you that. Even when the 20v 4AGZE is swapped in, it's still not fast!! (It's really loud though!) haha, poor 86 guys.

        It's funny though, because all the Honda guys think it's fast. I love it.

        Now, an SR in the 86, that's FAST!

        It's chassis is not even that great.

        It's layout is what's great about it. Light car, and FR = great fun.


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          20v are not 4agze... gze is 16v

          but yeah, alot of people think they might lose to a ae86 when they see it.. I think its funny.. Another thing I find funny is alot of people have told me my coupe isnt a real ae86, only the hatches are.. lots of bs information on these 20 yr old cars that seems to get around..


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            one of my friend's has a coupe and he gets that all the time!

            Whenever we go somewhere, everybody crowds the red hatch. Who cares about the coupe.

            Though I like the way the coupe looks better.


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              I don't even care if my 86 is slow as hell. I just love its weight distribution.


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                Honestly tho,

                a FAD is a FAD no matter how many people follow it.

                I too was looking for an 86 for the last year. I thought that since drifting wasn't "big" here in the states that I should be able to pick one up cheap. Well I was very wrong. When I frst was looking to get one around march of last year the GTS models were going for about 1,500 which I thought was a bit much for a 20 year old car. Now If I found a GTS model for under 2K I would concider myself lucky.

                I love the car, I love the potential, but For 2K I can buy a 180 chasis and start an sr swap. Maybe when I start to make some extra money will I buy and build a Hachi.


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                  You know its strange. Ive never seen an 86 in all of my life. This includes living in Texas and Arizona.


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                    Good point, art imitatess life, life imitates art. People see a movie and want to be that person, or actually be personified to everybody else that they are like that person. They are Takumi, they are the characters who drive that particular car. It is actaull y programming of the subconscious mind, and has to do with Maslov`s conditioined response theory. 2fast2furious is starting to leak out over here in Japan too. I just hope it does not last, Japanese tunig Japanese cars like american ricers. just like bushido will never die, it has been in the roots of Japan for too long. However it seems that the corolla has a deep rooted racing history. Every museum I have been to has one. It`s just like the Mustang of Japan. They are very fun to drive. And I had feeling about this when that Animae came out. Now the damn price is so jacked up here (Japan) that it is becoming a fad, but a there has always been a strong aftermarket for the car, just bringing more awareness to the vehicle. It is a basic classic example of "the law of demand".
                    Thank you, that is the most english I have said all day. I apologize for the length, and I bored you, I apologize for the rudeness I commited.
                    -T.Woodham B.B.A.


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                      My mom has a 81 Supra. You think I can soop-up that car and drift. The car does like 80-85mph tops on a stock engine and weighs like 8 billion tons. It kinda sorta looks like an 86. what do you guys think, can I pull it off???


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                        driftersil80: you've seen them you just didn't notice.

                        I like it alot. It requires alot of attention but is worth it. I've beaten many people trying to chase me because the corolla lets me do things like carry my speed through turns. Just the other night I was on a twisty road I like to go to and I lost an rsx ricer guy in like 4 turns. You just have to be a good driver.

                        It doesn't matter if i can't out run him in the straights because I don't really slow down for the turns.

                        Besides, it's really satisfying to dust someone in a new car with twice the power. And I'm sure it was very demoralizing for him.

                        I had my grip tires on that night so that helped alot


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                          I had my grip tires on that night so that helped alot

                          heh.... you sound like me


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                            Since awakened to the AE86, i might have only seen 5 in my entire life. LOL They are hard to find, and good ones are really hard. At least here in Kansas.


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                              86s arent fast but one of the best drifters and damn sexy i love the old school 80s style hatch. 80's pimpness y0!