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I am looking for Paul Chase or Fred Starck

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  • I am looking for Paul Chase or Fred Starck

    If anyone has any information were I can find them please let me know. I am looking for address and telephone numbers. They got money from my company and the event never happened. I would like to speak with anyone who knows how to get in touch with them or anyone at IDCR. From what I am finding out I am not the only one they got. If they got you please also let me know. The authorites would like to speak with them.

    Since my post went up, I was told that Paul was killed in an accident in July. If anyone knows where and how please let me know.

    Thanks for the posts. Myself and the PD have been unable to verify his death so we are still looking for him. Please post any information you may have had on him Telephone numbers and addresses. Also could you call me if he scammed money from you. I am trying to get to 10,000 in losses so I can make this a federal case. I am almost there. Call 718-777-6260
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    Good luck with your search. There are quite a few people here who have had "dealings" with him. You need to go into your options and make it so that people can send you PM's.

    Once again, Good luck and I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with this company. I promise we aren't all like that Most of the drifting organizations you will find on this site do right by their word.


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      I echo tracy's words exactly.
      Mr. Chase was not a member of the drift community, he was a con man trying to get rich quick. His promises left a lot of companies angry and not willing to support drifting and that is sad.

      I don't think I would believe the "accident" talk since he has given me every excuse from "my grandma died" to "I had a heart attack...literally" to "My dog ate the check".....

      Good luck finding him, check out the IDCR myspace... i noticed that it had been logged on to lately.


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        He told me once that he canceled his season cuz his wife was pregnant.

        I would assume that if he in fact did die, it would be pretty easy to find out. The authorities should be able to find that out quickly.


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          That's funny, he told me his wife just had gotten fileted for major surgery the last time I spoke with him.


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            The P.C. official excuse thread!


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              IDCR was owned by a little old lady (literally) who was shutting down the business back in June. From what I can tell Paul scammed her into starting IDCR and then promptly ran it into the ground and disappeared causing the owner and a lot of other people to loose a lot of money.

              I know this because Paul Chase wrote me an IDCR company check (without the owner's consent) in May to repay me for money that was given to him personally as part of a group buy to purchase wheels. The IDCR account never had any money in it to clear the check because it was all ready in shutdown mode at that time.

              I live in the same town as Paul's last known residence and have not been able to get him to pay back the $400 he scammed from me and the other group buy members (The other 5 gb members paid $450 each) over a year ago.

              Paul has struck again and IDCR is no more so anyone who is owed money has no chance of getting it back unless they have a written contract and want to start suing. It will be hard to nail Paul down because from what I can tell he operates through a proxy or without a paper trail and is a classic example of a smooth talking professional scam artist.

              MORAL - We need to make sure that this guy never again ripps off a fellow drifter and further damages the reputation of our sport. Does anyone have a mug shot they can post for the benefit of the community???

              Paul - If you are reading this by all means set the record straight. I haven't heard a good story in a while. I want my 400 dollars!


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                Maybe hiring a P.I. would be worth. You would be surprised with results. connections with cops and city officials.
                good luck and when you find him crack his mouth.


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                  I just want my stickers back. I had 5000 stickers made for SEMA, and they were shipped to the hotel, and he picked them up for me. He made 20 excuses as to why he couldn't ship them down to me.

                  IDCR was dead before it ever started.


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                    I saw him this weekend at Sonoma.


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                      who isnt???????? Looking for this guy.


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                        Originally posted by Al View Post
                        I saw him this weekend at Sonoma.

                        pics or ban.


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                          last time i saw that guy he left a part at sema after telling me about how he wanted to build the best drifting series ever and i was like "but you are drift fest" and then he left with some underage red headed piggy to go skeet skeet bang bang.


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                            his last known number is



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                              Well, this explains why his weekly phone calls or 'updates' stopped coming. Sad to hear that he ripped people off. Glad that I didn't jump into his 'series'. Good luck to all.