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(FREE D1GP TICKETS) Nov. 24-25 (Irwindale)

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  • (FREE D1GP TICKETS) Nov. 24-25 (Irwindale)


    D1 Grand Prix USA Thanksgiving Double Header Irwindale

    Saturday, November 24 - D1 Grand Prix 2007 Season Finale
    Sunday, November 25 - 2007 D1 ALL-STAR World Championship

    10 pairs / 20 (Two Day) Tickets Giveaway!!

    "Tell us who is a your favorite driver is and WHY!"
    Also, what are you looking forward to the most??

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    I guess i'll go first. Being a Corolla guy, i would say that Ueo is my favorite driver . He's hands down the best driver in the series... That drives an ae86 that is! I think he is the best 86 drifter. But overall i think that Kazama is my favorite driver. This guy seems like he invented the sport of drifting simply because he produces flawless runs. His S15 is tuned to perfection, Every run that he completes, you hear people in the crowd saying "thats what a perfect run looks like! daaaaaaamn!!! Even in the drift tengoku videos, when hes in his red s15, this guy is going insane speeds on the tightest togue courses, lightning shifts, and switchbacks in the blink of an eye. He makes it look too easy. Thats why he is my favorite driver. What im looking foward to is seeing Takahashi Kuniyakis' Chaser. My favorite car in the series. And walking around the pit area, because the drivers are mad cool and will actually spend their time explaning their set ups and why they have them that way, and tips on driving/setting up a car on a budget and whatever else you ask them. Cant wait till D1 comes to town, since we didnt get it earlier in the year. Hope i get the Tix!!! Thanks!!!


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      I do this every year....

      So I'm sticking to the same story

      Favorite J Driver
      Takahiro Ueno
      Why: Because he is still one of those guys, who doesent win every event. Is basically sponsored by his own company. Yet shows up to every events trying his hardest too kill it and have fun. He still hangs out with the local dudes in yokohama, stays true to his own style. Doesnt change cars every other year, just the same smooth style year after year.

      American Driver
      JR Gittin
      Why: Because he was one of the first drivers I recognized as american. Way back in like 03, one of the only american guys who could hold his own with the japanese pretty well. Him and Fors IMO are prime examples of how this sports has evolved so much in just the past several years. These guys aren't race car drivers, they arent rally drivers. Just normal dudes, and within a few years they have rose to the top of the sport and are just as skilled the drivers who have been doing it for decades in japan.

      I'm looking forward to seeing how good our american champions will do, Dai, Fors and Tanner. I think america made a hell of a lot of progress this year, its going to be interesting to see how the japanese judges see things. Also, the international drivers, there are so many unknown yet talented to in australia, I hope they make it out. Also, there is always some random privateer who comes out of no where to wreak havoc. I wonder who it will be this year....


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        I dont know if i would call it favorite but one of the driver's i want to see is Tyler McQuarrie do very well, especially in that new car.

        What im looking forward to most is probably seeing how some of the new iketan drivers will do this year and hopefully see some do a very good job. Also of course the crashes, going out in style never gets old and everyone in the series seems to always be such good sports about it.


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          favorite driver- yoshihara

          what im looking forward too-

          USA KICKING A $ $ and all the new rides the japs are rocking. i love nothing more then seeing the technical side of these cars, its simply amazing!


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            Favorite Driver:
            Tyler McQuarrie, cuz he's driving a Porsche like he stole it!

            Looking forward to:
            Seeing an m3 wagon and a porsche gt2 drifting on the same track


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              Favorite Drivers: It's a toss-up between Taka Aono and Hiro Sumida (Sorry, I don't know any D1 guys), both were instructors during my Drift 101 course and they helped me out a lot. Very friendly, very helpful . . . and Hiro took me for a ride in his Skyline on the 3rd gear course. =)

              Looking forward to: Sideways cars and tire smoke.
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                It's a really tough choice for me.

                Toshiki Yoshioka would have to be my favorite though. He's become one of the strongest drivers in the series, and I've seen him take out top drivers in a corolla that's pretty beat to hell. Even going as far to win a competition with a stock motor 'cause he blew the other one. In my eyes that's not only true skill but complete passion and determination as well.

                I'm looking forward to the whole event. Everything. The end of the year D1 has become my favorite racing event of the year. It's the last bang before Christmas, and it's usually filled to the brim with excitement and fun. And this event being 2 days is also a massive bonus .


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                  Not sure about favorite driver but there are a couple I cant wait to see!

                  That picture of koguchi's car got me all excited. I cant wait to see it in person I love his car! Sex on wheels. I heard Kuroi is running a 2j now too cant wait to see that in action. I am anxious to see d1's reaction to the drift porsche and hope tyler makes the podium, I missed the porsche at fd because of mechanical problems. I cant wait to see it in action at irwindale! I will be there both days one way or the other so help me out


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                    My favorite D1 Driver has to be Nomuken!!!
                    He is my favorite driver for three reasons:
                    1. Because he has such a fun personality!! He is always having a good time & doing something to make people laugh: whether its making crazy faces or his trademark "monkey pose", or jumping onto the barricade to get the crowd pumped... he's always fun to watch no matter if he wins or loses!!
                    2. Because a lot of drivers will change the car they drive from season to season, for one reason or another, but Nomura always has his ER34!!! He has been driving the same model car for 6 years now!! I really respect his dedication, not only to Blitz but to mastering the four door skyline!! While most people would choose a lighter platform, he broke the mold and hasn't changed!!
                    3. Lastly I like Nomuken because he is such an aggressive driver!! He is constantly pushing the limits of what he and his car can do!! His entry speeds are always fast, he always has A LOT of smoke, and he always puts in his best effort!! He's not afraid to crash... I think that is important, if you are going to learn what your limit is!!

                    I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of things:
                    -how badly each driver wants to win
                    -what the drivers are willing to do to win
                    -how much the drivers have improved over the course of this season
                    But MOSTLY (if I win) I look forward to seeing the Irwindale track in person!! I've always seen the track on videos & pictures... I've never been there before... It looks amazing!! With steep banks & such high speeds, it's an incredible course!! Extremely different from the set-up they used here in Vegas!! That would be the best: D1 (my favorite drifting series) in a brand new location (for me... i.e. not Vegas or the couch... haha)!!

                    Thanks for such an awesome opportunity!! & Good luck to everyone!!! I know who ever wins is going to have a BLAST!!!


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                      Favorite Driver: Masao Suenaga

                      i've been into drifting is 02-03 but i didnt really pay attention to a certain driver till 04-05 when Masao Suenaga joined RE Amemiya. Ever since then i have a soft spot for rotaries. i love his high speed, technical driving style. although he came close to winning the championship this year, he had the win @ Fuji and that makes me happy. he was super close to winning the championship at 05 but machine trouble stopped him, but that year he was driving great.

                      w/out suenaga i wouldve just watched other drivers etc...probably gotten into Formula D more perhaps? but no, he kept my interest in D1 high.

                      looking forward to seeing the new 2007 D1 series cars (if they do drive em)
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                        Wakamatsu - because he is wayyyy too good, but doesn't have big boy sponsors, so he will probably never come to USA again. He came once and didn't qualify, even though his runs were better than 95% of the other drivers.
                        Oh well, have fun in Gunma.

                        Looking forward to seeing Koguchi's real car for the first time.


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                          my fav driver


                          He is my favorite all time driver, even though he doesn't get into the top 10 everytime. But it is his choice of car, Soarer, and elegant style and his uniqueness that draw attention to his showmanship.

                          Plus, I drive a Soarer too


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                            did anyone win?


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                              i dotn want tickets

                              but defi seeing koguchi again
                              and fukuda

                              i hung out w/ them at NIKKO

                              rode w/ koguchi a few times
                              he always remembers me!!

                              that car is the best
                              feels so great
                              im looking forward to it in the USA

                              ill be working w/ my friend Tony in his RX8

                              should be an aweesmoe weekend

                              we will rule your face!!!