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American Drift scene?

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  • American Drift scene?

    Hey all,

    Sorry to post a new topic here, couldn't find anywhere else to post.

    Anyway i was thinking of moving back to the states, (california)
    ive been living in New Zealand for the past 8 years and i think ive had
    about enough, and im getting home sick.

    I was just wondering how hard it is to get settled into the drifting scene over in
    california, and how hard is it for a performance mechanic to find a job
    over in LA.


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    not sure about the job part, but drifting is as easy as buying a car and going out to events, simple as that. Whether you plan to go back to california or elsewhere most likely where you go they will have plenty of legal events.


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      Do you have any way to show us some of your work? That may be a good start. Post some pics of your work and kind of sell yourself on here a bit.
      Ernie Fixmer
      Formula Drift/VR Motoring/Robinson Helicopter
      Lakewood, CA 90712


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        drop me an email - Jacob at everythingdrift dot com - I can help you with some heads up.

        The biggest problem is that SoCal is substantially more expensive than most of the rest of the US.


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          Well i don't have much pics of my work, i ran a little mod shop from home
          a year ago so i got a few pics from there.

          I really am more of a japanese car specialist, Nissan the most.
          i have done everything there is to do to a nissan, ive built 400rwkw
          rb30dett engines, rb26dett engines. Ive turbo'd sr20de engines that
          have been used as drift car's till this day without one issue.
          I have worked on sr20det engines as well since thats whats in my current
          drift car.

          In saying this i can do american cars as well, as the shop i work in the owner
          is a Ford specialist, at the moment im rebuilding a ford 351 engine. Also i
          rebuild and fully service diesel engines. The shop i work at we do everything
          from dyno tunning cars, to servicing commercial diesel trucks.

          here are some pics of my home jobs for people down here.

          This car started its life as a stock VG30dett auto, i painted the engine bay
          and customized all the bits you see. I replaced and re tuned the ecu,
          boost controller, High flowed the turbo's. and converted it to manual with
          light weight d-shaft and pulley and flywheel. adjustable suspension,
          adjustable arms all around. 3 inch exhaust, etc.... its been awhile but
          basically anything you see that isnt stock i did. Made about 320rwkw,
          lightly tuned due to the owner not wanting to go any further.

          This is one of the s14's i made turbo, dont have many pics of this one.
          i put boost controller, stock S15 intercooler, T25 turbo and alot of other
          small bits for reliability (could go on all day)
          and she now makes about 190ish rwkw. Never knocks or misfires,
          and been teaching the owner how to drift it for awhile .

          ive done tons of work on Nissan's you name ive done it. As for other
          cars had a bit of experience with European cars as i worked at a european
          car shop for about 6 months. So ive had the pleasure and pain of having to
          deal with electrical shorts and ecu problems in BMW and mercedes...and lets
          not forget alfa and renault........

          Anyway as for drifting dont have much video of myself in my new car.
          (s13) have a bit from my old car an NA 300zx. (hardest car to drift EVER)
          should be in the D1 event this year so might have some more pics in a few

          take into mind it barely had 200hp!

          anyway thats all i can think about now, but yeah thanks for the help.
          As for the drifting scene just how hard is it to get into the competitions over
          there? Ive been drifting for over 4 years so im keen to compete.

          Thanks again for the info as well.
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