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D1GP USA Driver Update - 3 Top Drivers from Finland

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  • D1GP USA Driver Update - 3 Top Drivers from Finland

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    The sport of drifting has taken the world by storm. You can find a professional drifting organization in just about every corner of the world these days. The one thing all these organizations have in common are very his year the D1 Grand Prix is happy to welcome Finland's best, Janne Leinonen rank #1 (top right), Harri Hokkanen rank #2 (bottom right), Juha Rintanen rank #3 (bottom left).

    These three drivers cars will be loaded on the D1GP USA transporters and show their stuff at every event in 09', but they will not be alone. Tickets are being bought by the dozens for every event location by Finnish fans and we have even received word that these cow bell ringing, blue & white face painted fanatics have chartered an entire plane just for the event in Miami. We can't wait to see these drivers and fans in action this season.

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    finland freaking rules


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      I have no clue who these guys are


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        since they can't recruit the good American drivers, they have to try and recruit people from elsewhere...

        ... maybe if they would have taken the money they are spending by importing all these cars and drivers and put it into their prize pool, they would have better results recruiting the Americans!