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DRIFTING VIDEOS, Broadcast from Cell Phone

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  • DRIFTING VIDEOS, Broadcast from Cell Phone

    DRIFTING VIDEOS, Broadcast from Cell Phone
    "How 2 Articles"

    ", a Silicon Valley startup that lets users stream live video directly from their video-enabled phones onto the Web. Qik isn't the only new program that can turn your mobile phone into a pocket-size television station. and Flixwagon also recently opened to the public, for free. (And last week Flixwagon even began offering an application for unlocked iPhones.) All three services let you embed a video player on your own site, so you can stream from your homepage. Once your live broadcast is done, the video is stored on their servers, making them easy to replay or even edit."

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    this is a good way for teams to submit video blogs while they are away from a computer


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      another site..
      How do I broadcast from my phone?

      See our getting started guide or the screencast below.

      1. First of all you need to install our application on your phone. You can download it here or by pointing you mobile browser to
      2. Start the application and review the configuration options at Options Settings.
      3. Enter your username and password at Options Settings Credentials.
      4. Start the broadcast by choosing Options Connect.


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        Be aware that Qik on your phone does kill battery life significantly. Also make sure your cell phone service has unlimited data usage available. If you are unsure, check before using as you will run into a surprise at the end of the month once your bill arrives.