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(BLOG) Tyler McQuarrie Round 2 Formula Drift Atlanta

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  • (BLOG) Tyler McQuarrie Round 2 Formula Drift Atlanta

    After our first event with the Falken Tire 350z in Long Beach, Iíve been very anxious to get some testing in so we can show up to Atlanta with a competitive car. Itís been 2 years since Iíve run at Formula D Atlanta because last year my motor blew and was unable to compete. So, Iím excited to get back to the ATL with Team Falken!
    We showed up to the Atlanta practice on Thursday with many changes to the car, which pre event testing proved to be the right direction for us to go. During the practice, we made a few minor changes to our current setup simply to adjust to the grip level that Road Atlanta provides. The Falken Tire 350z ran flawless and I was feeling very comfortable in the car and ready for Friday qualifying.
    We had an hour practice before qualifying starts, which we planned to do but my car had something else in mind. It would not start nor could we push start it. The ASD guys soon realized that we had a bad cam sensor. With the spare sensor back at the shop in Charlotte and none to be found locally, practice being over and qualifying about to start, I soon realize that may event may be over before its even started. I made my way up to the judge stand and started to watch qualifying. I canít tell you what was going through my mind at that point but they were bad flash backs from last year, not good .As Iím watching qualifying with a blank look on my face, I hear JRod on the PA telling me to head to the Falken pit. Darren McNamara just laid down a run which put him first at the time and pretty much put him in the event. Darren and I run the same motor so Falken went to Darren and asked him if he would be willing to give up his second run, so they could put his cam sensor on my car and give me an opportunity to lay down a run to get the car in the show. He said yes, which says a lot about Darren as a driver and team mate. The ASD guys are thrashing at this point to switch the sensor to my car and did so with a few cars to go before my second qualifying run. I lined up for my qualifying run and realize that this is my first run of the day since we missed practice and my first qualifying run. This one run is my only shot to get in the event, no pressure at all! Trying to avoid any mistakes, I lay down a conservative run that puts me 13th for top 32. Not bad for my first and only run of the day. ASD took the Sensor back out of my car and back into Darrenís so he could do the night practice and I was back to watching, which is OK with me at this point cause Iím in the event.

    My cam sensor was delivered...

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    Tyler is a great dude, glad to see him in a competitive car this year.

    From Tyler's Blog:

    Next would be the battle of the vert Z’s with Chris Forsberg. We talked before and agreed to use the pass cone, which would put on a better show. When I followed we both had a clean run and I tried to close up on him but could only get as close as a car length. It was my turn to lead. I go to leave the line and stall! Much to my surprise Chris stopped to wait. That was awesome of him because he could have taken off and my event is over. We had another clean run but he was closer to me so he moved on. I ran over to him and thanked him for waiting at the line. He said that happened to him once but the other driver didn’t wait, and he told himself that he would never do that to anyone. Pretty badass of him to do that!
    I remember this happening to Chris. We watched as our hearts sank when Chris stalled the car at the line and lost all hopes of his Irwindale victory (I think maybe even championship, too if I am not mistaken).

    I wanted to post this because here is 2 people who understand drifting. Drifting is a SUBJECTIVE sport based on rules, style, and guidelines that lasts... maybe 20-30 seconds a run? Its what the fans came to see. Sure FD is also a competition and points and results matter, but to SOME people that is not the only reason to be in drifting.

    In the midst of a judging shuffle, clearer goals and guidelines, and a new outlook about tandem competition, some high profile names are not getting their way. These people have been thinking about drifting as racing, where you do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to win. You exploit every loophole you can find and push the rules to their very literal translation (maybe not their intended meaning).

    Sam, Rhys... I watch Formula 1 to see that. I drive/watch/involved with drifting because its fun and its exciting to watch cars going sideways (or backwards lately), puking out tire smoke, and driving like they shouldn't be driven, as close as possible to walls and things with as much angle as possible, etc. This is new and exciting and fun.

    THANK YOU Chris Forsberg and Tyler McQuarrie for understanding the spirit of drifting, and putting on a great show for the fans and everyone else there.
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