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    Hello all drifting fans including myself recently i been reading a lot stuff in the internet and people giving their opinions about drifting some of them say that why do u want to go sideways when you can go straight. Another thing that i have read and heard people say that what a waste of tires. But here's where i would want everyone of you to come in and give your opinions i don't know if this has ever been discussed here in This takes me back to when i attended UTI i had a teacher a young teacher compared to the rest that always would get in too big debates about drifting and he would always involved the whole class. He would always tell us the students that like drifting to go to one side of the class and the muscle guys go to the other one and they where always more muscle guys that totally hated on drifting. Some of them would say you guys call drifting a motorsport drifting is not a motorsport nascar is. I always been curios to what you guys think since i join these forum should we called drifting a motorsport in my opinion i do think is a motorsport because there rules and regulations and they are being judged. Or we should called it a form of entertainment or something else?

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    cliche'? yes but I know i hit a nerve with this one so bring the hate Billy Bobs..

    quick story:

    My dad is a long time NASCAR and all round motorsports fan. Dirt bikes to Drag cars.1/4 midgets to top fuel drag boats.As a kid i was always around something that required a motor and helmet. Hell he probably even watches lawnmower racing. He too was against drifting and said it's all a bunch of ricers just trying to be loud and stupid "And why doesn't that guy just pass him?!". But after i dragged him to his first event in Long Beach a few years ago, he lives literally a 5 min walk from the LBGP track, he has changed his opinion and now actually wants to build a "cheap" S15. ( i offered for him to leave it at my house since i am closer to a track, hehe).He said he diggs the "hot rod" aspect of what people are doing to their imports now-a-days and is amazed at all the power people can squeeze outta little 2.5 liter engine. We even met up at the D1GP last month cause he wanted to see the japanese drivers and their cars were doing. Yes another convert!

    So IMHO yes i consider it a motorsport. And it hella entertaining too

    maybe people just need to see it LIVE to fully respect it as one.


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      Wait? Drifting, with a v8? NASCAR motors? Do it!


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        as I have seen anyone you bring to a live drift event ends up no matter what they thought before hand conceeding that it is pretty cool afterwords.

        and if they don't want to go oh well, its their loss.


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          I just like to laugh when NASSCAR fans say that drifting is boring.


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            Its all personal preference and you cant care what other people like or want. If they wanna go in a straightline, grow a mullet, and watch nascar on sunday with their girlfriend/daughter then good! As this sport has been growing it seems to be getting worse and worse IMO. Back in the day I had a s13 coupe, kinda beat looking dropped on coils with a rb26 w/25 trans. for a year I never locked the doors on it. Now a days that *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* would be goneeeee! Since the sport has grow more kids think they are mad tight drifters yo and whore out our spots, make a mess everywhere, Honda guys are getting into it so our cars are getting stolen more, and the list goes on. I'm not opposed to new people coming into the game, I just wish they would have respect for it and not ruin it for those of us that have been in it for a while. IDK just me venting haha.


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              Grow or die

              Without regard to NASCAR, which is experiencing real declines in attendance and television viewers, drifting is very much a motorsport. I think it bridges two great sports categories, racing and extreme sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding.
              It's appeal to young fans, particularly males, is undeniable, but unless this sport grows, and expands its fan base, drifting will disappear from the scene. In the sports promotion business, you either grow, or you die. There is no static "default" position.
              And by definition, for the sport to grow, you, the first adopters, those who found it, brought it here and nurtured it for a decade, must be prepared to welcome people into the sport who are not you.
              To grow, the sport has to reach out, broaden its base and widen its appeal. At Formula Drift events, you'll increasingly find yourself sitting next to families with young children, and old guys in their 50's, wearing "Drift Ya Later" caps, and those who arrive at the track in -- God forbid -- their Volvo SUVs and Smart Cars!
              OK, it's all going to seriously impact the "cool" factor, but it's absolutely necessary. Besides, if you're just here for the cool, then CYA, it's time for you to go find the next "thing". But if you're here for the sport, because you love drifting, then swallow really hard and embrace the change.
              If you feel you must, then develop some clandestine sign you can flash each another or super secret handshake to separate the faithful from the interlopers.
              There are plenty of examples of great motorsports series' that have disappeared because the people who ran them and/or those who loved them either wouldn't change at the critical moments, or who stood, arms folded, and watched as the landscape shifted from under their feet.
              Oh sure, they maintained their purity, but at what cost? They allowed their passions to be swallowed up by museums and to be relegated onto the pages of retrospective coffee table books. Great series like The Trans Am, CanAm, Mickey Thompson Stadium trucks, USAC, and even CART are gone forever.
              Don't let drifting fall into those same clutches.