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(Blog Entry) Tyler McQuarrie, Formula D Washington 2009

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  • (Blog Entry) Tyler McQuarrie, Formula D Washington 2009

    Seattle was an event that Iíve been looking forward to this whole year. The track is super fast and you spend a lot of time during the run riding the wall, which I love. The crowd is awesome and to top it off, the Falken Tire 350z is dialed in.

    We spent most of the practice on Thursday getting the gearing sorted out, which is pretty easy to try many different gears since we have a quick change rear end. After I found a gear that I liked we spent a little time adjusting the shocks and tire pressure to the track. The car was dialed in everywhere on the track except for in a straight line. Iím struggling to get the power down leaving the start line and getting pulled by everyone. We realized that we canít fix this issue at this event and it is part of developing a new car so I need to deal with it for now.

    I qualified 6th and my first match up for top 32 was Rob Ewreth. Although his speed entering the oval is much slower than mine, his speed off the oval and in the hairpin was pretty good. I lead first and pulled out a very large gap. The trick would be following him. I needed to gap him just enough so I could be on his door coming off the bank.. I timed it just right and was able to get on his door in the infield and pull along side of him at the finish. I moved on to the top 16.

    My match up in the 16 would be Yasu Kondo in the AE 86. He has been looking fast all weekend so I knew this would not be an easy win. I had a clean run and was able to pull out a few car lengths, so I knew I just needed to be close to him in the follow run. As we entered the oval his bumper flew off and went over my head. Then it was followed by his hatch. I started to think that he had a switch in his car that he could flip to dislodge body parts to through off drivers. After missing the body parts I was able to reel him in and got the win.

    On to the great eight and this is where it starts to get tough, and interesting at the same time. I was matched up with Samuel Hubinette in the Viper. Sam led first and got a really good jump and just took off. Itís such a helpless feeling watching his car get smaller and smaller as he pulled out an 8 car lead. All I could do at that point was to catch him, which I got within 1 car length by the end of the run. On my lead run, I ran all out and did one of my best runs of the weekend. I wasnít sure if it was enough to beat him so all I was thinking was OMTÖPlease. Then Ian my crew chief came over the radio and said I won! I guess the judges didnít like how he just took off, but they liked how I caught him.

    My match up in the Semi finals was Chris Forsberg. This was the 4th time this year that Chris and I have meet in cometion. Formula D told us as we sat on the line that whoever......