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(BLOG ENTRY) TYLER MCQUARRIE Formula D Irwindale 2009

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  • (BLOG ENTRY) TYLER MCQUARRIE Formula D Irwindale 2009

    Formula D Irwindale Round 7

    Going into Irwindale, Iím 5th in points and I have a realistic shot at getting 3rd or even 2nd for the 2009 Formula D Championship. I have nothing to lose but a lot to gain and Iím ready to ring the neck of the Falken Tire 350 Z! Iím either going to win or bring back the car in pieces, but all I can do is try.
    For qualifying, my plan was to get a solid first run in so I could lay it all on the line for the second run since points are so important. My first run put me 16th but on my second run, I pushed a little too hard and hit the third clipping point. Unfortunately this means I had to settle for 16th and my first match up for top 32 was Rhys Millen.
    Before the top 32 Rhys tried to pull a Tonya Harding and take me out at the legs as I was coming out of the bathrooms but I was not having any of that! On my lead run I pulled out a gap and Rhys also missed a shift on the infield so I had the advantage going into my follow run. When I followed him I had to left foot brake on the bank to prevent from hitting him. I took it easy on the rest of the run but was still able to sit on his rear quarter panel and the judges called me the winner. Top 16 here I come.
    For the 16 I was matched up with....