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  • JEFF JONES New RX-7 @ FORMULA D 2010

    Formula D 2010 season is just around the corner and I have been given the opportunity to once again rejoin my fellow rotary enthusiasts. Not long ago I decided to leave my always-favored FC3S for a 240 SX to use in competition for Formula D. This was not an ordinary SR-powered S13 but one with a 1JZ transplant. The 2009 season was an exhilarating and a new experience for me but it was time to “Go Big”…

    This year has already shows better promise as Rotary Works has offered to build my team, Jeff Jones Racing, a monster drift machine to compete in for the 2010 season. We have chosen the FD3S chassis to build up and make custom to our needs. It wasn’t enough to leave the factory 13BREW engine in it to build on so we opted for the maximum cool factor… a Turbo charged 20B engine that we expect will make over 500+ WHP and deliver when put to challenge. Only days into our build, Rene Franco, engineer and fabricator of Rotary Works and founder of RMS (Rene’s Motorsports), began designing a tube-chassis style front end from scratch nonetheless.

    The purpose of this thread is to share my personal experience in building a car capable of competing against factory-backed cars in the world of pro drifting that is Formula D. This is all possible with the help of my sponsors which include Rotary Works, CX Racing, EBC brakes, Clutch Net, Comp Turbo, K&N, to name a few. With all that being said I have decided to share some pictures of progress and will continue to do so until Rd.1 in Long Beach where I hope to meet some of my supporters and fans.

    I will be putting out a official press release soon of all my 2010 sponsors.

    (It always begins with a car on a trailer making its way to a tuner garage)

    (Pile O parts… Toyota transmission for high horsepower, 20B begging for a rebuild and front sub frame waiting to be hacked and customized)

    Getting some ideas for the motor placement.

    Pack it up and call it quits for the night.

    The next day we got hard at work on removing the sound detaining.
    With the help of a 20lb block of dry ice it took just one hour to get most of it off.

    Now it was time to pull out the gas tank and sub frames.

    This is after the tank and rear suspension was removed.

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    Nice to see Jeff Jones getting back to his roots.


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      Formula D is turning into Rotary Drift!!

      Congrats, Jeff! can't wait to see the beast


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        So let the spot welding begin. This is Rene in his predator helmet getting down.

        Now its time to play with some steering angle.

        This is a jig I mad to keep the Ackerman the same after we cut and weld.

        We got the new sub frame in from one of Rene’s old drag cars.
        The old one was possibly bent so better start out fresh.

        This is Ascension wire brushing the paint for more spot welds.
        He has an Ls1 fc that Kelvin used in D1gp Anaheim.

        His car in d1

        Now back to the angle. Clean Chop Weld



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          You can see the simple jig helps keep the every thing lined up.

          Rotary-Works is primarily a fabrication shop. With a lot of request to cut and weld spindles they will be making a few solid jigs soon. I will be testing them out on my personal cars.

          This is one set up I will be testing. Others will be just shortening with out the step

          Rene using the mig welder.

          Fat bead, ready for install.

          Other side.

          Stupid angle. It’s hard to see but Rene also machines rack spacers.

          Put some rims on for the pic.

          OK still a hole lot more to do.


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            Are those spindles cast iron or something else? If it's cast, I thought you had to heat it up, then weld and how are you welding them if not heating them first?


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              Justin. I sent Jeff a PM about the welding process.


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                Originally posted by blu808 View Post
                Justin. I sent Jeff a PM about the welding process.
                If he can PM me, too, because I am very curious about it, too.


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                  Hey Jeff, best of luck in 2010 man, glad to see you out there holding it down!


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                    Originally posted by akuma S14 View Post
                    Hey Jeff, best of luck in 2010 man, glad to see you out there holding it down!
                    Thanks man. There is so much work to do and we got started so late. I hope to get a few practice days in before Long Beach.


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                      good to see ya back in a rotary! ha


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                        Originally posted by CelicaDRIFTER View Post
                        good to see ya back in a rotary! ha
                        jeff call me 818 8977445
                        (626) 786-7444
                        (818) 897-7445

                        Ask for CHRIS

                        MILANO MOTORSPORTS-Front-Clips
                        -Engine SWAPS/Installation
                        -Used Parts - all that and a bag of chips
                        -350Z used parts



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                          Yes this makes me happy. <333 Your front wheels will hit your lower control arm depending on width and offset so try to space them out as much as possible. Our FD at the shop has pretty good angle after a little work.


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                            Fd3s ftmfw!


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                              Rotary-works bought a new 1.5 Kaas lsd for the car. (sweet) No more rockin the welded diff.

                              Old one out!!!

                              Just realized it needs new bearings. So more on that later.

                              Stock junk.

                              New coil overs. Time to slam this suck-a

                              This one made me smile.

                              When this hits the ground, it’ll be tucking for sure.