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ALEX KORS @ XDC This Saturday, Irwindale, CA

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  • ALEX KORS @ XDC This Saturday, Irwindale, CA

    by ALEX KORS

    What's up man here's some info on how this has all been going on:

    Monday morning I wake up to a voicemail from ernie @ xdc saying that I'm gonna love him or hate him BUT I'm on the XDC rig for the whole season. Best news ever execpt $$ was a little tight because I had gone out the week before and bought an 04 silverado to tow my car to later XDC events.

    My s13 was on jack stands, unpainted, unaligned and I had no tires, no gas, missing half my safety equipment and the car was missing stuff to pass tech.

    My good friends in drift alliance have always helped me with my drifting program and coaching me at the track. So I called them right away. Everyone just jumped in and started helping me right away.

    Monday night my proposal was done, they also came over and helped: align the car, got the tow straps mounted and game planned to figure out what we were going to do next.

    Meanwhile, I have to work tuesday/wednesday/thursday so my wife and buisness partner are running around picking up tires, race gas, hood pins, etc.

    I called richard rabe @ r.b body work & paint at about 11pm tuesday and explain the situation. We end up deciding to turn my garage into a paint booth the following day.

    I did some more work that night, while my buisness partner and one of my mechanics was cranking out a customer car that needed/needs to get done.

    Wednesday comes around and while I'm at work my wife and buisness partner run around more and richard handled all of the paint pick up. I get home from work @ 530 and my car is already being masked off. I jump in and mask the garage off, soak the floor, and clean the car down. About 900pm comes around and the first layer of primer goes down and at about 1200am the last coat of the porsche silver/blue pearl/blue frost goes down.

    Thursday we're in good shape richard just needs to spray the bumpers while I'm at work and ill go home around 3pm today and put my hood pins in, battery box, front tow strap and we'll be golden.

    We're still trying to find a trailer for tonight-sunday and we're trying to shake the car down 1 last time @ adams tonight if we can.

    I honestly couldn't have done this without the love and support of my wife, my drift alliance brothers, my buisness partner jack, richard @ r.b paint and body work and all the rest of my friends!

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      hell yea for everyone pitching in... its good to have people like that around you. networking is vital in this sport.


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        hell yea! Alex is going to tear *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* up this weekend!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!


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            damn, nice and clean!


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              It's about time. I absolutely love the color.. it's like Koguchi 180SX silver.


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                Originally posted by Amanda View Post
                It's about time. I absolutely love the color.. it's like Koguchi 180SX silver.
                its porsche crystal silver metallic.

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                  it's 3:14am, i have to finish up this computer work and get out of here by 7:30 at the latest.

                  Victor @ Emergency Hookers Towing will be transporting my car from Anaheim to Irwindale tomorrow on his #1 hooker! so look out for us on the 91w and 605n tomorrow between 7:30-9!

                  thanks guys! i'm so happy to be driving again, it's unreal. really happy with the way the car turned out. ill post more later, i'm gonna go rest up!


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                      stock height killin it lol


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                        Qualified 8th


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                          Yea go dr. Baby~!


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                            uhhh...thats not stock height serious?


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                              congrats on getting it all pulled together and qualifying 8th. i look forward to seeing you run tomorrow.