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  • Best Mods for learning how to drift...

    Kay So I'm getting it down. I'm getting my skills down, and I'm getting goodish. But, I would like some more power from my Ka24de. I know alot of you are going to say "Get a sr20". But that is like $2,000 for the engine, 500ish for the shipping, and other misc stuff. But I want to get the most from my Sweet valkyrie( I name my cars...) So I want to know what you guys think would offer more power... and be better for drifting and all around speedyness. I'm looking at a 2.6 stroker kit that will cost about... $2700 or I can get a turbo kit for it. I have no other mods on the car besides some suspension stuff and a cut out the cat on it. I'm looking to spend... about...4 grand... on the upgrades...Let me know what you guys think I should add...

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    Ok let me put it to you like this go turbo cause the torque on your motor is better then sr and get coilovers it is a must I'm guessing you got LSD or welded diff but focus on what you got now and go from there


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      you dont need a stroker kit... turbo the KA... tune it with safc or get a rom tune.

      My Ka-T made 208hp at 8 psi with a old holset H1c more than enough power to slide comfortably. Dont mod your car to death though.. learn to drift first and then add power.

      a stock KA can be drifted plenty fine I have done it and seen it many times over. Diff suspension and cooling.


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        I already welded up the Diff... Add some coilovers... So I guess the plan is to pick up a turbo kit... and some some camshafts... If anyone knows of a complete Tubro kit...I'm know nothing about turbos... Just get a turbo and intercooler and a turbo timer.. Or is there more?


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          well if you got that done.. go drifting.. worry about power later... it will not help you get better faster.. power will only generate more smoke as you spin out.

          there is way more to it bro

          read this in it entirety and then go NA drifting for a bit..

          I am glad that when I got into the game I couldn't afford to do much I learned to drive my NA 240 very well. when power was added I already had the basics down and was able to expound on them with the additional power.

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            A good bucket seat works wonders as well.


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              +1 on the seat, you'd be amazed as how much easier it is to control the car when you are not flopping around behind the wheel.


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                ahhh good catch!!!!!.. I never had one in the 240 but it was the FIRST thing I bought for the R33 with a good harness. def helps and my knees are not sore after events hahahahaha good old door center console brace.


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                  Biggame is right go until you are completely comfortable then upgrade when it is needed no need in jumping in to fast i mean i'm still learning as i go i got a big 4door i throw around lol


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                    Coils, diff, bucket are the three main things. then seat time, seat time, seat time. If your from Georgia you need to start hitting the Southeast Drift events in Atlanta. I'd also suggest you start reading EVERYTHING you can and talk with drivers at events so that you can make smart decisions regarding your build.