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"Blaze1's List Of Drift" Top 10 World Rankings (Mid Season Report)

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  • "Blaze1's List Of Drift" Top 10 World Rankings (Mid Season Report)

    Round 2….FIGHT!

    Hello, this is Blaze1 reporting another list of the top 10 drifters of the world. Last report was a pre season projection and I‘ll be the first one too admit my preseason scouting was way off. Especially when it came to my top five. Like I said in the pre season report, this report and the end of year report will be much more point’s standings based. A lot of has changed, a few new series popping up, couple that are inactive. I have tried to get in contact with a few sanctioning bodies but my emails weren’t returned.

    Let’s just get right on to it.

    #1 Youichi Imamura

    Who the F#@k else would be number one on this list? The soon to be 3 time D1GP champion is plain and simple unstoppable. This is the first time in drifting the championship has been essentially decided midpoint through the season. He would have to not qualify next round for him to have a chance of being dethroned. With D1gp in bad disarray here in the states, the action does not seem to be stopping anytime soon in Japan. I speak from the heart when I say we need a taste of this in the states, sugar no splenda please.

    #2 Vaughn Gittin JR

    Gaining a huge title sponsor over the winter VGJ is proving he is not only the head honcho of team falken but he is also the man to beat in the 2010 season. With three podiums and 1 win mid way through he seems 10 times better from the man we have seen since 2005. Can VGJ be able to win the whole thing? The answer to that question has nothing to do with his driving skill or the setup of his car but more to do with his mentally stability. No, I’m not saying he is crazy but as we saw in Seattle this man still has the capability to choke. He needs to dig deep for the rest of the season because the next few FD drivers on this list are right on his tail.

    #3 Tanner Foust

    This man is probably the only driver on the list who can be considered one of the top 10 drivers in the world . Even though he has made a mockery of the sport by successfully competing in a converted front wheel driver economy car, he backs it up by driving it with big angle smoke and speed. Him and Stephan Papadakis are the probably the best team owner/driver combination in all of the sport. Not to mention they are 2 time back to back champions (07/08). With the season at its half way point he has a good chance at the championship, especially since in 2009 he podiumed at Irwindale and Las Vegas.

    #4 Masao Suenaga

    The bridesmaid of D1gp. Every single year at some point it always looks like Suenaga may have a chance to win it but can never follow through. Number 3 on the all time wins list in D1GP Suenaga is always a force. His low angle high-speed style of driving has yet to be duplicated and the build of the RE Amemiya FD is the best the sport has seen thus far. This year the main thing that held him back which is surprisingly the problem with a lot of other top 10 drivers in the series which is a fact he failed to qualify top 16 in a round. This is either a sign of D1GP becoming an actual competitive sanctioning body (no more wwe style decisions) and or a sign they need to get into a top 32 format.

    *note* #2 on the all time list is Yasuyuki Kazama, who has not competed since 2006

    #5 James Dean

    I will be the first to admit, I’m very skeptical of the quality of talent coming out of Pro Drift. Especially with Darren McNamara crashing every other event and Dean Kearny looking very tame for lack of better word. But when James showed up to long beach beginning of this year to get in the top 8 by defeating fellow Irishman Dmac, I thought to my self…..Talent. This kid has a bunch of it, he’s a tough competitor and the fact he is so young probably makes him fearless. Any time anywhere any place it seems like. It doesn’t hurt to have been ex championship chassis, but another driver drove it last year with little success. Oh I forgot to mention, the dude rocks brass knuckles under his kid gloves…. 2 wins gives him a nice cushion in the pro drift point’s standings.
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    #6 Daijiro Yoshihara

    The original Japanese Import, competiting in formula D since its inception. Daijiro has had his fair share of ups and downs in the sport of drifting. But right now it seems to be on a major upswing. The guys at SPD metal works have done a good job on building a basic championship potential machine for the 31 year old driver. And he has done a decent job getting it on the podium. The sad thing is Daijiro is no longer slide or Dai any more. This car has totally tamed his style, no more crazy entries or death defying off throttle speed. A lot like his tire teammate Tyler.

    #7 Mark Luney

    First off let me say I’m terribly sorry for not ranking him last report. The points table I had of EDC last year had him placing second to Phil Morison. Terrible mistake, I really wished someone would have pointed that out too me. This guy is 2009 EDC champion and is currently leading both BDC and EDC for 2010 (both series are on their last round). Really versatile driver who competes in many chassis. Looking forward to seeing this driver in person.

    #8 Tetsuya Hibino

    The inventor of the Ebisu circuit flying drift, Hibino has been competing in D1GP for many years now. Started off in a NA AE86 through the years he switched engine configurations and chassis all together. But in 2009 he linked with the Droo-P team to take over their Nitrous 4AGE powerd AE86. Proving to people all over the world that the platform is still competitive in the sport professionally. Like Suenaga the fact he failed in qualifying during one round is the reason why he is out of the 2010 points race. Regardless still a fun and exciting driver to watch and is always a potential threat in the D1GP series.

    #9 Tengu Djan

    The new Drift Alliance Ace is rumored to be driving in the states sometime in the near future. This can either make or break his standings as one of the best in the world as we have seen. You may notice he dropped a few spots from the pre season report. The ex AE86 monster dropped down due to a little inactivity. He won the first FD Asia event of the year but that’s about it. This could be blamed on the series for not putting a bigger effort on providing a serious points championship. But he’s driving in the new Goodyear Series (which is supposed to Pro AM) in a lesser grade S13. He is going to be one of the drivers on the bubble if he fails in the USA.

    #10 Michi Takatori

    This was a tough decision to make but as I made this list, this driver just couldn’t get out of my head. There’s quite a few big name drivers in front of him but the difference between them and Takatori is he never gets beat… his machine does. He’s driving the Drift Emporium VK powered S15 and for lack of better words it’s a very incomplete car. Seems like the team it self is very incomplete to say the least, with 1 too many cars (they have 3). Michi has the skill to be a very dominate force in the series but he might need to end up on the team that can give him the proper individual attention he needs. I would love to see him a in a right hand drive domestic like a Camaro or a Mustang.
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      Bear with me as I edit the pictures please


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        Ryan Tuerck was ranked 1 in pre-season, and he's strung together 3 top-8's and a 2nd place in a row, including a 1st and 2nd place qualifiers, and he doesn't make the mid-season list?? Tuerck has more qualifying points than any other driver in FD (34, JR has 27, Foust has 21) and has only been improving. Him and Aasbo are the only 2 drivers who have never been eliminated in top 16 this year, and is just 52 points outside of first (which, at this rate, can nearly be made up in qualifying points alone).

        I think you're giving too much credit to some of these other drivers... I know you are high on D1GP's smoke, but I think Tuerck needs to be on the list still....


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          Please.. High on D1 Smoke?

          I got 3 D1 drivers and 4 FD drivers on the list. 5 if you count Djan or Dean. 6 if you count both

          Are you reading the list or just going off just names and numbers.

          The 10th spot could have gone to anyone in FDs or D1s top 10.

          I ranked Ryan #1 coming into the season thinking he had a shot at the FD championship. Its pretty clear now that he doesn't unless something drastic and out of the ordinary happens(dude needs a miracle). Takatori got 10th because despite his hardships he is the most mistake free driver out of the top 10, his car and his team are def holding him back.
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            Best Drifter: Taniguchi

            Best Twin Drifter: Kumakubo

            Best American Driver: Tanner Foust

            Most Aggressive Twin Drifter: DMAC

            Most Aggresive overall Driver: Martin FFrench/Kenneth Moen

            Most Naturally Talented: Johnny P/Fredric Aasbo

            Ive seen prob every drifter in the flesh in the world drive! Just my opinion anyways


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              Originally posted by Buttsy View Post

              Ive seen prob every drifter in the flesh in the world drive! Just my opinion anyways
              That's a pretty big claim.

              Just going off of "Pros" I know I'm not even at the 60% mark.


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                Originally posted by blaze1 View Post
                That's a pretty big claim.

                Just going off of "Pros" I know I'm not even at the 60% mark.
                Buttsy is world famous!!!!!!


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                  Hope that didn't come off as me actually questioning his claim lol.


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                    the best video i ever seen at youtube D1 2006 at irwindale when tengku djan beat Gittin *Censored**Censored**Censored*

                    btw both driver give an awesome performance