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XDC Update, Will Parsons and his AE86 with new powerplant!

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  • XDC Update, Will Parsons and his AE86 with new powerplant!

    By Will Parsons

    I'm sitting here getting ready for round five of the Xtreme Drift Circuit. It has been a tough last couple of months and I am hoping I can turn this season around at this event. As many of you know, at round three in West Virginia my motor finally gave out. We put it on the dyno at the track and it was only able to put down 160hp on 20 lbs. of boost!

    After the event we brought the car back down here to Tejas and got to work. With the help of my dad and some late nights we got everything torn apart and rebuilt with new bores, pistons, rods, and bearings. I was also able to get the guys at Weir Performace to send me a new differential and axels that could handle the new found power. By the time we got the motor and differential installed it was the day we were supposed to leave for round four in Englishtown and we still hadn't gotten the new setup tuned. We rushed the car over to the guys at Secret Services and threw the car on the dyno. After some long hours and minor issues the car ended up cranking out around 280 hp. I only got to make one pass down the street before loading up, and it felt like a completely different car.

    We didn't end up leaving Houston until Thursday at 1 am and drove straight through. We arrived at the track in Englishtown at 7am on Friday, jumped in the car, and got ready for practice. The car was running really strong but I wasn't used to the new power band. My runs in qualifying were not great and I didn't make it into the top 16. However they allowed us to drive during the practice on Saturday to give the fans something to watch. After a few runs I finally got the hang of the new power and started to lay down some really good runs; if only it had been on Friday. It was still a really great event. I had tons of fun and learned a lot about my new setup.

    Since I have been back we have been fixing all kinds of small issues on the car and really have gotten it dialed in for the Texas event. It should be a very fun event and I am looking forward to driving in my home state. Huge thanks to all my sponsors: Non Stop Tuning, Secret Services, Weir Performance, Tunerlifestylestv, Speed Star Auto, 86garage, and SMT garage for making all of this possible and XDC for putting on an awesome series. I also would like to thank my dad for all of his help without his help my car would never run!
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    Just a fyi it is supposed to be

    link to aftermath of the texas event:


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      waiting patiently for part 2

      fun read