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  • (Feedback) TOP GEAR USA

    I'm surprised no one has critiqued this show yet. Only question I have is, who's the fat guy? Obviously we know Tanner, and I've seen that comedian before (always funny), but who's the other guy?

    I like the show so far. I like how they make fun of the cars they have on the show and how they are not uptight and have fun with the show, just like the BBC Top Gear guys did!

    Come on blaze1, I'm counting on u for an entertaining review lol

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    Btw What's up with the drifting hate on that show? How dare they compare drifting with figure skating!


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      My mom is a big BBC and Top Gear fan and she hated it.

      I thought it was ok

      maybe I can get her on here to write a review lol

      BTW.. I like figure skating, Johnny Weir is one of my heroes (no hom0)


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        ^ yeah I used to figure skate when I was younger, that sh!t is hard as F*ck. (Serious)


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          The fat guy is Rutledge Wood of NASCAR Track Side and SPEED TV fame. Got on the air as a fan contest as I remember and he's been associated with NASCAR and SPEED for about two years or so.


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            Btw I have nothing against fat guys, I'm fat too lol


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              It wasn't bad for the beginning of a series. If you remember, it took UK TG like 3 years to get the chemistry, camera angles, and witty humor that makes the show what it is.

              The US guys have it harder too, because they have to try to live up to something that has been around for a long time and that people LOVE. Tough shoes to fill. However, I like how they picked Tanner Foust, but the other 2 are simply terrible. Tanner is the only one that can really drive, but his sense of humor is really dry. Idk i don't like Rutledge Wood at all... he should just stick to boring old nascar (i only like nascar live or when i drove one... on tv it's just boring)

              That being said, I'm looking forward to see how the show grows and if they can come up with some sort of chemistry/sense of humor all their own- you can't copy British punchy humor as an American.


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                I'm actually looking foward to the next episode "Dukes of Hazard" style!


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                  Me too, eff the "cool" crap, the expensive cars, lets start crashing sh*t!!!!!!


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                    not a big fan of the show... i liked how the dog pissed on the stage though...


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                      Well the first season is over! I liked it. I like how all three of them are honest and not afraid to say bad things about the cars reviewed.

                      What did u guys think about the first season?


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                        Definitely not bad for the first season. Yeah, they may be taking the same exact format from the BBC top gear, but that is because it works. Its all good to me since its entertaining and about cars. Soooooo Overall I enjoyed the series and look forward to another season.

                        I'm looking to see a America vs British Top Gear showdown in the future.


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                          Two thirds of the cars reviewed and two thirds of the hosts I care little about.

                          I end up setting the DVR then skipping most of the show. If it's an interesting car or Tanner is driving I press play.


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                            I'm starting to like Rutledge, after I saw his behind the scenes antics. Tanner is my fav of course, but I still can't stand Adam. They should replace him with Matt Farah.

                            Still not as good as the British version, but those are some big shoes to fill. The season gradually got better as they became more comfortable with each other and got enough confidence to do a little improv.

                            Still an entertaining show and I think season 2 will get even better.


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                              Rutledge is by FAR the best natural presenter. Tanner is fine as long as he has a script. Fararra has his moments. I think TGUSA did a good job of establishing the "characters" for the series. The best segments were the ones they didn't copy from TGBBC (the moonshine run). I think they did a good enough job to warrant a better budget and writers.