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whats a good site for kanji ?

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    that probably should be a shinto priest. it could be a buddhist monk though.
    I'm not sure if they do for a toolbox, but if it's for the pit or the factory, it should not be rare.
    and the piece of paper is a charm called "o-fuda"
    my parents wanted me to go to a shinto shrine and
    have a priest bless my car which was my first one.
    and I went to a local shrine with my father.
    (I totaled the car 5 months later on a gravel road,
    no one was injured. I had to buy a new one. but
    since that experience I started to learn driving seriously.
    so it turned out good anyway.)
    most shinto shrine have charms for traffic safety, and it's common
    to have them in a car or sticked back of the car.
    I once thought a sticker from a shrine would be cool on a drift car.
    you know, sometimes only thing you can rely on in a car is god's protection.
    this shrine is one my family visit time to time.
    and charms are here
    and charms for traffic safety
    it might be different from what you saw on the toolbox.

    >Senshi Tenshi
    mostly same. but there are also many kanji which meanings are different from chinese.
    many of them are in many words we use everyday and since
    the starting point of the word/charactor is same, it's very confusing.
    such as most japanese think chinese charactor for a hotel/inn means restaurant.
    and there are kanji which are used only in japanese.
    I studied chinese for a year. it's easy to get started for most japanese. but not easy to master.