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92 or 97?? HELP!

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  • 92 or 97?? HELP!

    What do you guys think i should do?

    I have a Black 1992 240sx, but theres a 1997 240sx le sitting at a bank and they would take $2,500 for it.

    Now heres the stats on each

    My Car now

    Black 1992 240sx 5spd, Good Condition. 100k+ = mileage

    The other car

    White 1997 240sx Le , Auto Tranny, Needs a little work,
    50k+ = Mileage

    Now what im planning on doing is, getting the Sr20DET swap with a 5 spd manual either way. Question is, which car would be better to do the swap on?
    1992 240sx
    1997 240sx Le

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    from a regular stand point I would say (depending on what kind of work) I would go with the 97 just because it's newer and will last longer. so in a basic sense it's a better buy. (again depending on the kind of work you said it needs)


    you could skip the sr swap, and buy the newer 240 (depending on insurance and stuff, but that's all you). now you can have a practice and daily driver, or possible parts if one gets messed up. (not that stuff ever happens to drifters... )


    you could tell me where the 97 is and I'll buy it. you do the swap with your already good car and we drift into the sunset.

    either way good luck man!!


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      Well the 97 is white... (i hate white) and it has a red trunk??? Go figure. But it also looks like someone backed into the front bumper cause it has a good sized gash in it.... nothing a little bondo coulndt fix.. as far as engine goes... it was sitting in one spot for a week, no fluid leaks, battery is dead so i couldnt start it.:-( But overall it looks sound. (course im no mechanic) *yeah and some moron put a fart can on it.... which worries me*


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        i'd go with the '97, it's newer and s14s are supposed to be easier to drift with than s13s


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          A kouki for 2500? That needs a little work..That is damn worth it. Snatch that thing up. I would for sure


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            Kouki's are rare, snatch it and never look back.

            edit: Oh it's auto...hmmm...well I guess if you plan on doing an SR swap anyway then why not?


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              I prefer S13s however thats a great buy for a S14, i say get it.


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                A little further inspection of the 97, and i see... that someone was a moron. They have a F*ed up welded together weird a$$ muffler with a rice boy tip on it.(serioulsy it looks like a box) The trunk is red, and it was rained in. The front bumper and hood have a little damage, a slight bend in the hood and a trailer hitch sized gash in the front bumper. I noticed the lights are aftermarket projectors. The seats are leather but, kinda roughed up. The Interior aside from that looks fine.

                Now im wondering what made this person replace the trunk, and the headlights, and what possed them to put on that muffler I plan on running the vin number tommorow, and see if it was wrecked, which is probably what happend. It was either owned by a stupid riceboy wannabee who couldnt afford it, or it was driven by a female (who couldnt drive) NO offense to the girls out there who can drive/drift Im actually thinking of asking the guy if he'll take 2,000 for it. Its a bank repo and in this small town most people dont know RWD imports exist. I said hey no oil leak from the valve cover (which my 92 S13/240 currently has) And he asked me what a valve cover was. I think i can talk him down some more. :


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                  I think you should snagg the S14 while its still there. Those are becomming a hot item these days. Lots of people are hunting for them, and with a SR20 swap, mmm thats like a good start.


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                    Originally posted by Weapon X
                    Kouki's are rare, snatch it and never look back.

                    Just make sure the frame is straight and your good to go.


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                      get it. thats a steal for the kouki. s14's are better drifters than the s13.


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                        Well i went to try and have it looked at by a mechanic today, but the place i normally take it to was too busy, and the bank guy wouldnt let me drive it. But we did take it around the block. It seems to run fine when your moving.

                        Now the weird thing is, whenever he put it into Drive or into Reverse and just sat there, the car would shake, i popped the hood to see, and it just looked like the engine was at high idle, but the strange thing was, the rpms didnt go up on the tach. Any ideas on what this might be?


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                          bad timing perhaps?

                          don't worry about engine trouble with ka24s, they're cheap and easily replaced


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                            Well i didnt even have to get the vin number ran, cause when i took a look in the trunk, i pulled the capeting up and whaddya know.... bends and welds, looks like someone hit the rear end and it ended up accordian style, and they tried to straighten back out the frame. Soooo if anyone else wants it ... go right ahead.


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                              Hasnotiresleft is your current car a SE?

                              Just wondering.