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DEALERCAST LEXUS SC430 - TRD Supercharged Tundra 5.7 3URFE Powered 6 Speed Build

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  • DEALERCAST LEXUS SC430 - TRD Supercharged Tundra 5.7 3URFE Powered 6 Speed Build

    Hey Guys & Gals

    Just wanted to update everyone as to the status of the DEALERCAST Lexus SC430. The motor is in and I will be providing regular updates. If you don't know I have taken the complete motor setup out of a 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7 Liter 3URFE V8 and have transplanted it into a Lexus SC430. In doing so I am testing two different setups. The first will be getting everything running on the Tundra factory electronics and factory Tundra Automatic Transmission. Should be pretty straight forward and will provide lots of information. The second setup will be using a custom transmission adapter plate, twin plate clutch and stand alone ECU. This too will yield great technical data and will be used in future projects and platforms. Here are some initial pics.

    The Motor 3URFE

    The Lexus

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    Engine Running on the ground!!!!! I don't have constant fuel yet to it but will shortly.


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      the SEMA car is on the homepage


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        So as you can see in the photos we have three SC430's. My vision is to have one one the East coast and one on the West. Find some good talent and run Formula Drift without all that cross country driving and expense. We'll see how it goes. The showy Lexus is really just that. PR stuff. Hope you guys like it.


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          did u buy the show car from drift emporium? or do u work @ drift emporium?


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            Oil Pan Modification

            So we had to change the oil pan to front sump. Here are some pics of how we shortened the pickup tube and boxed the front in. Staying with the factory oil pump. Thanks Kyle G. and John.

            YOitsJDM, incidentally DE never owned the show SC. It was simply on loan for events and will continue to be a marketing tool.


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              Video Clip

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                Ok here are some pics of the front sump oil pan installed on the 3URFE. The factory SC430 motor is front sump and because the steering rack is behind the engine cradle or k-member I needed to convert the oil pan to front sump. So with the help from John my brother and Kyle Grob they re-engineered the oil pan. In doing so they shortened the factory pickup tube but maintained the factory oil pump.

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                  Engine Pics

                  The Tundra 3URFE with the front sump oil pan and Toyota Racing Development Supercharger installed.


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                    Installing Engine and Harness


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                      Complete Tundra Wiring Harness installed

                      So in my first configuration I have the entire Toyota Tundra wiring harness installed to do a quick run test. Motor started right up. Now I am pulling all of the wiring out to redo it.


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                        TRD Supercharged Info for the 5.7 Tundra 3URFE

                        Hey guys just an FYI on the TRD SC. From what I understand it is based on the Magnuson tvs 1900 6th gen.

                        Here is a pic of the newer redesigned sc lobes. The twin four-lobe rotors feature 160-degree twist improves air-handling, noise, and vibration characteristics over the older 3 lobe 60-degree twist on the left pic.
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                          who is tuning your car and will it be at FD round 1?


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                            I don't have a tuner yet. I am hoping to have this done by FD round 1. We'll see if it all comes together.


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                              Firewall prep

                              Ok so what I am doing now is opening a section in the Lexus firewall to allow the factory Tundra wiring harness to enter then engine bay.