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(Addressing Rumor) SCION FR-S Pricing

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  • (Addressing Rumor) SCION FR-S Pricing

    Response to Fact Check;

    "Scion has not announce pricing for the 2013 Scion FR-S so any pricing out there is just speculation at this time. "

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    hmm...just a prediction, but.....

    Well MSRP should be around 21-23K

    Actual dealer price will be 27-29K

    Just under the Mustang/challenger/Camaro/STI/EVO/370Z price range.

    I don't think they will worry about the MX-5.

    Price will drop near the end of the year.


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      i knew it was a fake price


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        Ya i had a feeling those prices were way to low.


        Scion has no haggle pricing. So if MSRP is 23K, thats what the dealer sells it for. No mark ups and no customers low balling the dealer either.


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          Originally posted by 5150 Cruiser View Post
          Ya i had a feeling those prices were way to low.


          Scion has no haggle pricing. So if MSRP is 23K, thats what the dealer sells it for. No mark ups and no customers low balling the dealer either.
          That's not quite what Scion no haggle pricing is. The dealership can set whatever price they want as long as its reflected on their website and in the dealership. If they lower the price for one customer it has to be approved and advertized for all customers.
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            Originally posted by my 1 88 u View Post
            *something else that may or may not be true*
            Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to take anything you say with a grain of salt.


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              I just spoke with the Scion Sales Manager at the Toyota Dealership across the street from where I work. He and I sat and BS'ed about cars for a while. Once he got a respectable understanding of who I am, and that I'm not there to buy a car, he became relaxed, and started talking to me like normal guy, so I got him to open up about the FR-S.

              He said due to the past catastrophic events in Japan, many dealerships have expected the delays understandably so. In the case of the FR-S, It is currently expected to hit showrooms by early June this year.

              He also said that when he was at a Coorperate Scion/Toyota event for the IQ, he pushed around for more FR-S info and got an unofficial comformation from a higher-up that its goin to be set between 25K to 27K depending on the dealership location. He also stated that they confirmed there will be a more powerful model to be released in the future. 2013 possibly, but even the higher-ups couldn't answer a release date or the details of what a "more powerful" model is, but definatly expect it in the 30K range he said.

              He is a great contact for me to touch base with on any new FR-S info so i'll update whenever I learn of anything new.


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                The Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S tease has been going on so long we almost forgot that pricing hasn't been released for any of them. We've heard "Below 30" and "around 25" thrown around, but nothing official.

                But now we have unofficial word that the 2013 Scion FR-S will start at $24,200 with the 6-speed manual and $25,300 for the 6AT. This information comes courtesy of FT86 club which has managed to get hold of an email to Scion dealers officially announcing the price.

                "Scion is pleased to announce the starting price of $24,200 for the highly awaited 2013MY Scion FR-S which will arrive at Scion dealerships in June. Even with DPH, the starting price is still under $25,00!" reads the letter. No further information was given and no options were listed.

                The letter also explains that pricing will be made official to the public on March 22. Until then, however, we've got to ask: Too high or is priced just right?

                Anyways, when I decided to buy a brand new car, someone advised me to go to a car dealer. I purchased a Scion because they said it has a good resale value. It also think it is really well-liked by young adults and because it has unique styling. I went to Sandy Springs Scion in Atlanta and there, they have a large selection of vehicles to pick from. So far, I feel contented with my new car. Also, I make it a habit to read any information relating to my new purchased car. Sandy Springs Scion Atlanta


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                  Thats about what I was realistically hoping for. Thanks for the update!
                  Too bad won't be in the market for one. I need a truck


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                    dude your a month late! the price is on