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2012 Wrecked Magazine Fantasy Drift

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  • 2012 Wrecked Magazine Fantasy Drift

    Hey all.

    Set up a private league...

    Kind of confused on when the teams get locked and when the draft selection takes place...

    Who did people pick?!

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    i'm in a public league called Drifting, 4 other people are in it so far

    PM me about the private league, i'd be interested


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      Yup, Wrecked is still on my sh!t list.


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        I'd put JR / Dai / Dmac at the top of my draft list. I think each of those guys will have multiple podiums during the season

        then you have to find some people who could get you some upset points because they qualify low but tandem well.

        Oh, and you need to find people who tend to crash and break a lot. Last year, Sam Hubinette was a gold mine for this in Fantasy points (not counting the points he didn't show up at). I think I might pick up Kenny Moen because he tends to crash a lot.


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          I'm new to the Fantasy Drift, but I'm excited to play. We throw a superbowl type party with a bunch of friends to watch the rounds live on the bigscreen. We made a drinking game out of the top 16 too. when a battle is about to start, everyone calls out the driver they want to see win. If your driver looses, you take a shot or drink your beer. If your driver looses in a OMT, you drink or take a shot times the number of battles the drivers took in that in one session. We tried to do the top 32, but it was too much drinking


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            lol. Still no actual response. Does anyone know when the draft takes place? is it the same time, some time this week for all of the leagues?... Everyone in my league has made their driver picks, but have no idea when the draft takes place...


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              So is there going to be a league or what? I am looking for a league to join.


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                My Draft picks have been reset when I logged in this morning. I think they are reset for everyone so you might have to repick your drivers.