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FR-S 2JZ & LS Swap Kits by PSI - In Development

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  • FR-S 2JZ & LS Swap Kits by PSI - In Development

    FR-S 2JZ & LS Swap Kits by PSI - In Development

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    Enjuku made one for the Genesis, it's only fitting that one is made for the FR-S.

    I think it's a great concept, and I can imagine PSI will be quite successful with these kits. 300hp in an FR-S would completely transform the car!

    Anxious to hear pricing and what it includes


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      yeah and I bet the LS is only tad bit heavier than the boxer. Should make the car really really fun.


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          We at PSI are continuing to develop the FRS platform for next year FD and possibly Rally events. We have taken the liberty to develop a mount solution for both the 2j and LS platform. While great leaps have been made with the stock motor and obviously the EJ swaps. We believe it too early with stock motor to run a program around it. It will take time to develop and be able to deliver the proven longevity of both the 2j and LS platform.

          With the LS motor been very popular with FD teams this year, it was great to see them respect the 2j and the power it can deliver. As some you might know we developed, built and tuned Robbie Nishida's 2j with help of Bridges Racing and Achilles Radial. Our focus will be the 2j for the FRS but we have had clients interested in a LS package. Our current active development it based around a race program with little factory integration but, as we go forward we do plan on having a street version of at least the 2j. Additionally, we are implementing suspension solutions for a few different disciplines.


          There is no one prefect motor or chassis. Every motor has its strengths and weaknesses. It's knowing those limitations that sets you apart.

          Jason Oefelein

          Owner PSI - Portland Speed Industries