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  • Auto X Drifting?

    ok so i went to this auto x it was pretty fast for an auto x
    (second gear mostly) anyway i never really enjoyed auto X
    and this was my first one in my rwd car so i was like Fuk it
    im just going to rail on my car and see how she does

    well i was having a great time getting my car sideways
    on my last run i even managed to drift the full of the last corner

    (pretty big about 10-15 yards of a sweeper right)

    any way while i was screwing around i screwed up and spun out twords the crowd on my second run i came within 2 car lengths of hitting a crowd of people but they ran, and i knew i wasnt going to hit them (its not like i could ever get anymore speed to hit them) and i actually got a talking to by the auto x nazis

    told me i was visibly taking the car beyond its limits
    and i need to bring it down a notch and i will also be faster

    my reply was i dont want to go faster and im not running for time
    im just here to have fun with my car

    well bring it down a notch and you will be faster ok.

    i say look man i just payed 30 bucks to run around some cones
    ill just keep it under control around that corner for you ok

    so i do but im still fawkin around and as im pulling back into the little pit area i can hear people saying

    "hes overdriving the car"
    "to much throttle"
    "that car could get better times not him though"

    i have learned that most of the people there at the auto x are serious fack tards and they all need to be sat down and talked to
    i mean they think they are real race car drivers and they have stickers on their cars like they are bad *Censored**Censored**Censored*, they looked down upon me because i wasnt going for time, it had to of been the biggest bunch of nobuddys i have ever seen

    they all need to be shown what real racing is

    Yours truely
    (the rally driver)

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    well in all fairness autoX is racing and racing is not drifting so dont be TOOO hard on them. but yeah the autox's ive gone to as a spectator have seemed to be pretty serious. I would also think that drifting and taking out half the cones on the course might piss em off too. but i dunno, i would try looking for a scca drift event if i were you


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      yea but i only took out 1 cone the whole time
      its not like i was destroying the course


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        lol where are these people located and what is this autoX thing. i never heward of it



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          First off, it sounds like you were driving recklessly since you, by your own admission, came close enough to a crowd of people to make them scatter.

          Secondly, AutoX is RACING like dae said. It's about trying to get the fastest times possible. Now if you want to drift at an AutoX event, that's fine, but some people aren't going to understand. Most of the people making those comments about you probably didn't know you were trying to drift, they just thought you sucked at AutoX.

          If you go to a timed racing event to drift then expect to get some criticism.


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            there was no way i would of hit them its just that the cone was pretty close to them (probably shouldnt of stood there) and i only went like 5 feet away from the cone they just ran casue my car was out of control

            it was more like i was in control out of control hehe
            i know that makes no sense
            but i did drive a car on gravle for 2 years at retarted speeds
            now its up to my dad to cary on my car number since im leaving and am not taking the car with me

            but i am taking the rx-7
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              also how hard is it to setup an event like that
              (im thinking drift) since i am an scca member how difficult could it be to start a region drift club?


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                well, the people to talk to would probably be those "fack tards" you spoke of at the autox. generally, events that are held around here (san diego) are hosted by a club such as san diego asebring drivers, the datsun club of san diego, southern california autox team etc. So, go talk to the people who are running it, that should be a place to start.

                hell, in response to your experience however, when i see a person pull a performance such as the one you described, my personal reaction and the reactions from the crowd would probably be similar to the ones you got. evidently, your drifting wasn't good enough to convince them that that was your aim.

                generally, autox people are pretty cool, provided you have the right attitude. also, by the way, many autox drivers actually ARE trained and highly skilled race car drivers. I think its just that you approached autox with unrealistic expectations and the wrong attitude.


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                  You can't really get mad...I understand why they were feeling like that and dont hate them for it. Think if we hosted a drifting event...and a guy started gripping all the turns. Not drifting what so ever just gripping. Wouldn't you be upset or probably talk like them? On top of that you spun at the crowd...that won't really make you a crowd favorite. You have to put yourself in their shoes then you'll understand.


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                    (btw the crowd = like 7 ppl)


                    whats the whole point of driving a car
                    to have fun with it
                    i was having a good time. if i was at a drift event i would not bash someone for driving the course as long as they were having fun.
                    there is no reason in any form of motorsport to be a fack tard twords someone who is not slowing you down in any way or form

                    and i dont agree that being a good auto x driver makes u an outstanding driver
                    going 35mph through cones and going 100 mph through chicanes is totaly different
                    you could say they were good at auto x but not much else
                    sure it teaches you car control but a car behaves far diffrent at high speed then low

                    maybe it is diffrent up here then down there in socal
                    but they all seemed to have egos out of preportion

                    im not pissed that i had a talking too im pissed at the attitude everyone there
                    i went into the whole thing expecting to meet some people
                    but i did not expect to be shunned for having a good time with my car

                    and not one point in time was anyones life in danger

                    i know my limits
                    but i went passed the cars and i was still in control of it even though i did a 180
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                      dude...ever heard of gymkhana? thats why they have that x people get pissed off when u slide the cars


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                        gymkahana i ahve never heard of?


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                          someone needs to hold a gymkahana event in the u.s.


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                            They do have Gymkana like events in the US...its called 99% of all drift events in the mainland Well...except maybe now days since their actually having them on actual courses and not just cones and plastic barriers.


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                              Gymkhana is just like auto cross just silghtly more complex, Remeber those guys are they're to run time's, drifting isnt the fast way around a corner, that is un debateable. I'm quite sure that they dont like the idea of you drifting at their event where drifting is looked down upon because of the hardness to control. I'm sure if you went paid money and asked them if you could run after everyone is done so you could just drift insted of grip, they wouldnt mind as much.

                              Most drift events in america take place on crappy course's either in parking lots or adjusted ovals. I'd like to see drifting move to the many road courses of america.