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(10 FREE TICKETS) FORMULA DRIFT - Road Atlanta - May 9-10 2014

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  • (10 FREE TICKETS) FORMULA DRIFT - Road Atlanta - May 9-10 2014

    (TICKET CONTEST) FORMULA DRIFT - Road Atlanta - May 9-10 2014

    (17 DAYS AWAY) FORMULA DRIFT - Road Atlanta - May 9-10 2014 -

    10 General Admission Tickets (1 Per Winner) - HOW TO ENTER: Tell us
    why you deserve tickets! You NEED to put some time into your response
    and use the hashtag #2014fdtickets to help support your story; that is
    how we select the winners. Ex. Your history of being an FD fan .. past
    events ? Favorite Driver and why ? What have you done to help promote
    drifting ? What are you looking forward to this year ? Are you
    building a drift car ? -

    DO NOT POST "I am broke so give me tickets" -

    TERMS: Each winner will be assigned 1 General Admission Ticket. We
    will select the winners on or before April 27th. Once the winners are
    announced you will have 48 hours to provide your name so we can add it
    to the list. You MUST respond on time or the tickets will be assigned
    to someone else. Thank you!

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    I've attended Drift Atlanta every year since it started. My favorite American drifter was Tanner Foust but now I'm leaning towards Essa and Forest Wang. I drag my friends and family to the event every year and have made many drifting fans out of them. This year is no different and I will have more money for beer and burgers for my guests if you give me a free ticket.
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      i've been for the past few years, and i consistently support the lower ranking drivers like forrest wang or chris ward. i also, consistently bring lots of friends to FD events. in fact, ive got one friend from canada flying down to come to road atlanta this year. it'll be his first FD event, and we're gonna make it memorable for him. i will be going regardless, but a free ticket is always nice


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        Has the list been released?


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          driftingcom 8 days ago

          the_big_dan_theory 8 days ago
          When is it in wall nj?

          alden_cm 8 days ago

          ryangrubbzz 8 days ago
          @connorbeert @baybay561 @_hendershot @joefrenchdavis

          brian_mk3supra 8 days ago
          When is it coming to Florida? @driftingcom

          ghunterz28 8 days ago
          I make a lot of money, please give me free tickets

          driftbosa 8 days ago
          I've never been and would love to take my fiancÚ

          driftbosa 8 days ago

          _hendershot 8 days ago
          @scooba_steven @andrew_mauer @silvetts13

          travis_bryan7 8 days ago
          Coming to the Mid-West?

          evantylercarespodi 8 days ago

          baconstr1ps 8 days ago
          Because I want to see the RX8 make a comeback @driftingcom

          guess_that_motor 8 days ago
          I'm just going to DM you because my reply is LONG!!!

          eddiecruznyc 8 days ago
          Because I'm awesome

          iclaudk 8 days ago

          friskywalrus 8 days ago
          I'll sit this one out this year @driftingcom and let someone else win lol

          mando322 8 days ago
          Too long to read how to win, I'll just buy

          binlocloc 8 days ago
          Because I don't wanna buy tickets for a 3 rd year and not be able to go!

          _frample 8 days ago
          I deserve tickets because my brother and I have been into drift cars and drifting for a couple of years now. We've always wanted to go to an FD event but never had the opportunity nor the money. We live in the butthole of Florida and don't get out much. Support the cause! #2014fdtickets

          bestwest90 8 days ago
          I've always been a huge FD fan and really admire the work Chris Forsberg puts into it, (ROUND1CHAMP!) I strive to get to his level one day, I've been working on my s13 for a few years, but I can only afford the inexpensive mods i.e. welded diff. and such, I put off building it the last couple of years due to school, but going to FD ATL would motivate me that much more! That's why I deserve the ticket... #2014fdtickets

          auburnmom79 8 days ago
          I just want tickets bc I would love to go watch some drifting. Really don't have favorite just knpw it would be so awesome to take my kids and enjoy a day of drifting. I'm a single mom of 4 and watch a lot of racing just ain't never been. So if you qould consitter picking me. Thanks #2014fdtickets

          she_who_stands_alone 8 days ago
          I want tickets because I never miss a year. This year is different though, I'm going to be 7 months pregnant and I'm still going no matter what. I'd rather have my little girl at formula d then miss it, it's a tradition my family and I have made, and intend on keeping it that way. #2014fdtickets

          sparke46_ 8 days ago
          I would like tickets because this is the event my dad and I have always gone to at Road Atlanta. I've been going to #FDATL since 2008 with my dad. We both keep coming back every year because we can't get enough of it. It's an awesome father/son bond. My favorite driver has to be Chelsea Denofa because his driving style is insane and I drive a E46 4-door, it's my daily. I try to promote drifting in every way I can, I just want more people to see the greatness in it. i want to share that common bond with more people and to see the smile on their face that drifting will bring them. I'm looking forward to Round 2 because I live near Road Atlanta and it's an easy commute for me & my drift bros. Unfortunately I don't own a "drift car" But one day very soon I will (I do drift my daily though, just sayin). I'm not broke and I won't beg. I will still attend #FDATL even if I have to walk and I will go every year until I'm physically unable. I want to just chill with other car guys and watch drift cars do their thing all day long. No better place that Atlanta. #2014fdtickets

          bestwest90 a day ago
          Did anybody win?? #2014fdtickets

          driftingcom a day ago

          mustangfanclub a day ago
          @dillonshand @harrisonnevel @mustangmarketplace

          driftingcom a day ago
          So far only one person has come close to winning

          ahhhhnick a day ago
          This will my 4th year going to this event with my girlfriend @katelynsweets Look forward to seeing friends, drivers & teams from all over the world! Very excited to see @globaltimeattack is growing aswell. I'll be there regardless of if I get a free ticket, but it would be nice to finally win something! #2014fdtickets

          dillonshand a day ago
          We enter right here in the comments?

          driftingcom a day ago

          ouchhhie a day ago
          Oh darn ha I posted a picture. Should i comment on this or tag you in the post?

          driftingcom a day ago
          Both !

          rearwheelsti a day ago
          I've never been to any FD events before or really flown out of my state. I've really been into cars for a long time, even built two RWD subaru STIs. All I want to do is drift and be involved, but never get the chance out of state. I really want to see people push the limits and show America what drifting is really about. Daigo is one of my favorite drivers besides kumakubo who truly inspired me with his GD drift cars and Evos as well. I can't do much to promote but I'll always pass on to people to get Involved and see what it can open you up too. I would love to see this in person, nothing better than the smell of tire.

          supra_andrews a day ago
          I'd be super stoked to get a free admission and give it to my brother as a gift for his bday so me and him could attend our first FD event since we we're never able to attend Pbir as the only stop in FL. I've been into drifting since 2005, had my project S14 that I was building but due to me been a Para in (wheelchair) it begin to get difficult to find resources on how to make 5 speed tranny work for me. I'm also a big supporter of the drifting scene here in central Florida and helped organize some of the events here at cfrc and osw, can provide links to my fb for proof. I've seen our local drivers Pat, Chelsea, and Zoltan go from amateurs to rookies so I obviously root for them. I also currently moved to Jacksonville which would be a shorter trip for me then Miami. I'd definitely appreciate the tickets and it would be awesome to go to #fdatlanta #2014fdtickets

          thatjdmsteven a day ago
          I will be going to Atlanta next weekend, from St. Louis, with some friends and will be my first ever time going to a @formulad event. And what better track to be the first then Road Atlanta! To help promote drifting? Damn, I do everything lol. If you ever see me, I'm usually wearing a car/drift reference shirt and sometimes people would ask about drifting and I would explain to them the concept of it and what not. After that I go on and promote @formulad by explaining how the judging works, tracks, and car set ups. It usually sparks their interest and I just tell them go visit to find out more and be on my way. The 2014 FD schedule is also my background on my phone so I let people know when and where these events will be taking place. Am building a drift car? Nope, I have one tho! Bought it the way it was from a friend of mine. Has just an SR20 set up and used to be Pro AM car that competed in the @midwestdriftunion. I'm still learning to drift but still better then any other high school sport I'd ever play! #KeepDriftingFun. I'm also really excited to see the Slammed Society car show there!! The street scene here isn't something to be proud of so it's gonna be cool to see a bunch of cars done right. Hope I've answered a some of your questions and hope I win! (@jaroddeanda voice) "SEEENNDD ITT" #2014fdtickets

          dillonshand a day ago
          I've been into cars ever since the fast and furious movies to be honest (RIP @paulwalker ) but I had never really heard about drifting until I got my Mustang a couple years ago. Funny I know because mustangs aren't the typical drift car, but I discovered @vaughngittinjr and saw his videos online and was amazed! Formula Drift was coming to Atlanta so I had to jump on it! Last year was my first year going and I had a blast with friends!! I'm also into photography so it was great practice behind the camera and I captured some sick shots of the cars. Smoke clouds behind the tires makes for an intense panning shot If it has to do with cars and a photography experience, I'm all for it! I've spoken with a lot more people online that are involved with the sport since then and I can't wait to meet them in person at the event. I will be going even if I don't win a ticket, but May 9th (first day of the event) is my 21st birthday so it would be really cool to win and save some money for some of my first legal beverages #2014fdtickets

          derikshane a day ago
          I am broke so give me tickets

          dommedag a day ago
          I don't want one cause I'll catch the highlights online later. But go for it.

          theintzer a day ago
          Because mashed potatoes and @whosdannygeorge pls #2014fdtickets

          lazers13 a day ago
          Give me a ticket so I can sell it to watch real drifting in Europe or Japan

          ouchhhie a day ago
          It wont let me copy what I already posted so Ill try to sum it up again. Formula Drift was the reason I got into cars and drifting. The first year I went I didnt know anything about drifting. It opened my eyes however, I found my calling in life. It started my obsession with cars. If I never went to Formula Drift I wouldnt be the person i am today and i wouldnt have the friends i have today! Drifting and cars have changed my life and helped me through rough times. I will go to FD for the rest of my life!

          driftingcom a day ago
          Everyone ... Tag your photos that back up your story

          nissan240sx1995 a day ago
          It doesn't matter if I get the ticket... how the hell am I supposed to get to Atlanta??

          dodgecumminthrew a day ago
          Well i really don't know how to start this but ive been into cars my whole life. I didnt get into drifting till after i wrecked my honda civic i had. I bought an old bmw 318i e30 and heard about this shop that went to the track to drift on the weekends. Well i did research and did some time ups on my car and started to go. But at this time i really got into it and started taking kids and patents on ride along and soon started my own group to help needed kids and helping them have a fun day at the track. Well soon with all military family's i had to move and bought a 92 240 couple and i have done some work on it and now i go to the track and do the same. Reason y i wanna go to the fd is one ive never been 2 all the drivers are amazing at what they do 3 i lived in ga for over 7 years and have a best friend that lives in alt right now so it would be amazing if i won a ticket to surprise him. I haven't seen him in over 5 years and we are basically brothers. So thanks for reading #2014fdtickets

          driftingcom a day ago
          Keep posting before the contest closes

          haoudrift a day ago
          I just got fired from my job! If i get this ticket i will definitely go to move from California to Alabama to catch formula drift Atlanta.

          godakin84 a day ago
          #2014fdtickets I'm ju st a who lives in Brownsville and has a great passion for the sport drifting and one day hopefully get a chance to be in it but for know I just have my baby, a 1992 Nissan 240sx and she's not the hottest our best car on the street but she is to me. I hot into cars when I was a little kid because of hotwheels and NFS Under ground 2 and carbon .I'm building my 240sx into drift car with my brother. When I found out about FD I went to the next meet but after that my life started going down hill but my car kept me up and im happy because I have a car everyone else wants. I don't have money to buy car parts or a ticket so if you can help me out man I'll be so thankful.

          karstonsx a day ago
          I'm 17 and I love drifting. Everything about it. The cars, the people, and the overall positive atmosphere there is at these events. My favorite drive is Matt Powers but he is not competing this year. My favorite competing driver would have to be either Odi or Ryan. Thanks.

          karstonsx a day ago

          dj_slimm a day ago
          I really just want tickets to drink and have fun at #2014fdtickets with my friends. That's all.

          duzy_wonsz about 23 hours ago
          #2014fdtickets I'm a teenager that fell in love with drifting at around age 11-12 (now I'm 16) and since then I was saving money for my first drift car. I can't handle those tickets for myself cause every penny goes for my car and school. People laugh at me that I've never seen real drifting, so I would like to come for this first time and enjoy this moment as much as I can Thanks.

          albertbboy about 23 hours ago
          I wouldn't take em if you payed me to go!

          blinkee about 22 hours ago
          I'm a broke college student that blew all his money on adderall for finals. And I need a short vacation. #2014fdtickets #fdatl

          _slamry about 20 hours ago
          I'm am not broke, give me tickets

          adambrosnan12 about 20 hours ago
          Id like to get the tickets because im trying to lern how to drift and iv never seen pro drifting before in real l

          adambrosnan12 about 20 hours ago
          Life and i would love the tickets#2014fdtickets thanks

          camwaterz about 20 hours ago
          I am broke so give me tickets

          auburnmom79 about 19 hours ago
          #2014fdtickets My name is Tisha I'm a single mom of 4. I love me so drifting. I would love to take my kids to watch something that I love. If I had a car like that I would drift lol. I have never been but would love to go and watxh just once. Pick me

          moiz_z about 18 hours ago

          driftingcom about 15 hours ago
          #drift #drifting #formulad #formuladrift


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            Please email your full name within 24 hours to SUBJECT = "Formula Drift Atlanta Ticket Contest)


            Thank you


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              Didn't win. sucks.