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fwd drifters???

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  • fwd drifters???

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    it can happen but you always need the e-brake and its not as impresive as FR's and 4WD cars thus there is no point trying to drift a FF as a hobby its just going to suck

    trust me i have a FF and it realy sux


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      Re: fwd drifters???

      There is little knowledge of drifting on that forum. But its not there fault, they arent a drifting forum. There are some serious FF drifting threads on, do a quick search for them.

      But i will say this, there is alot more to drifting then "pulling the ebrake threw a turn" in a FF car or anything else. Thats in response so whatsomeone on that forum said.


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        Oh no i thought this topic was done for a while, i think everyone on this needs to agree to dissagree, if the people who say it can't be done refuse to call a fwd car losing traction on all wheels around a turn drift, that's fine, call it something else then, i'll still call it drift. bleh anyway last time this was brought up it got really ugly so i think i'm gonna post this one and be done. we all have opinions and are entitled to them.