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  • I've got a great idea!

    Well, i heard that in michigan tehre's no emission test. So basically u can have nething under the hood, 'cause they dont care whats there. Am i right? And u can register the car overthere, and drive it newhere. Of course maybe not a skyline or a Silvia S15, but still u can have sr20det in your 240sx.

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    so you're gonna move to michigan just for that?


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      they dont have emissions testing here in minnesota either. I have not currently taken advantage of this, but alot of my friends have chucked everything to do with the environment from there cars. Its the only good thing Jesse ventura did for us.

      "smell that?"




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        They can't spell Emeeshone....emeashun....emisi...see!!!
        where I live but I think they did the FIRST SR swap here a month ago and it's like the new in thing now that nobody does. Heck in Atlanta SR swaps are common place, here they are like Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom. You'd think the circus rolled into town.


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          I would think you would have to have a valid M*ch*g*n address to pull that off, sry for the * but i'm an Ohio State fan and that word is a curse word here =)


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            ya I cant say that there is a lot of variety around here either. but there are some good cars. I just cant stand the fact that they salt the roads (ya i said SALT!) in the winter. bastards.


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              haha yeah they salt the roads here in ohio too, mostly cause we're on top of the world's largest salt mine. It sucks, tears up cars, but it's better than the cinder that they use in some parts of Pennsylvania