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Best drift tires?

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  • Best drift tires?

    What are the best tires for drifting? We all know they have to have a good balance between traction and lack there of. What kind do you use?

    Guardsmen baby! LOL

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    The "search" button is your friend. Meanwhile, Here's a link


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      Bah on that, they really didn't even discuss anything. A tire on that list is the Yokohama Avid H4. That tire has way too much grip for my 90hp SR5. Hell, it took my 127hp civic lots of revs to get the H4's on it smokin.


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        what about falken st-115s?


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          Re: Best drift tires?

          You can see what some D1 drivers are using as a reference by visiting this page.


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            May not be cost effective, but you may have to experiment a bit.


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              Drifting isn't about burnouts. Drifting is about weight transfer and braking. You don't need to be able to smoke the tires from a standstill to have enough power to drift. Just buy some skinny tires(165-175mm section width) with a 420+R rating and use those. Hell, you won't be able to use power to prolong a drift anyway... SR5= open diff. You had better get good at braking, feint, and e-brake drifting.
              JUN had a good idea in the thread I referenced, using used tires for drift tires. They're cheap, and usually have a coefficient of friction roughly equal to that of PVC.


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                There is no "best" tire for drifting. The right tire for you depends on your car and your skill level. Looking at what other people run is great, but remember that there is no universal answer here. What works for someone else might not work for you. Especially if you use a different car and you're at a different skill level. Most people find the "best" tire for them by experimenting with a bunch of different sizes and brands. When you start out you'll probably be using smaller sized (cheaper) tires that slide very easily. As you progress (in both skill and power output of your car) you'll want tires that grip a little more so you might move to wider tires with better compounds. But if you tried to use these bigger grippier tires when you start out you'll have a really hard time (it will always re-grip). I started out on 205-215/60-70/15's at a beginner skill level with 175hp/230tq. Now I'm on 225-245/50-55/16's at a moderate skill level (still learning) and 245hp/330tq. My next progression (when my skill level gets a little better) will be 255-265/40-45/17's and around 350hp/400tq. But this is just for me. Other people might have completely different experiences depending on their car (light or heavy?), their skill level, or their power output. If you are looking for specific brands of tires, my recommendation is to get multiple sets of rear wheels, and order three of four different brands of the same size tire. Then when you hit the track you can burn up each set and feel the difference between each brand. Maybe if none of them work out too good, you went with the wrong tire size. So it really takes a while (and a bunch of different tries) to find the right tire for you.


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                  ADVAN NEOVA AD-07 i guess......


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                    ....Or I'll hunt yoo down


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                      according to the signal auto drifters, they got good results with the BFGoodrich Scorchers (super street june 04) the lasted a long time on their cars with good grip. they got multiple runs as apposed to the falken team who changes after each run. this is good for someone on a budget.


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                        .....Can AFFORD to change into fresh shoes j/k


                        second hand info sux. Im sure he would like facts from drivers who use the products in question and not just 'see' them from the sideline.

                        Ive used MANY tire brands and have changed more than I care to count. It's not because Im sponsored by them either, I had offers on the table from other companies at the same time. By going after one company and not the other isnt a knock on the other guys...Its just that I only want stuff that I know and feel strong about.

                        Trust me: If I didnt think they were a good product line-up (cost & Performance) I wouldnt suggest that people use it. I can sleep well at night recommending FALKEN Tires with FIRST HAND expirience.

                        ( D_G )


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                          it all depends on your car and how much hp it's producing. for low powered cars the falkens may be too grip to break loose. If you are talking high hp cars the neovas from japan are the best. all the D1 drivers swear by them but perhaps this is because most are sponsored by yokohama. hehe.

                          try to get some of these on the grey market and find out for yourself.

                          here's a conspiracy theory for you. when D1 runs their competition here in the US. All the Japanese drivers get the neovas from yokohama BUT all the US sponsored drivers have to drive the US spec tires. i wonder how our boys would do w/ these j spec tires.

                          i say next time level the playing field and make everyone run US spec tires.


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                            NOTE: This info might be outdated.

                            Katsuhiro Ueo:
                            Nobuteru Taniguchi:F / Neova (235/40-18) R / Neova (255/35-18)
                            Ken Nomura:F / FM901 (235/40-18) R / FM901 (265/35-14)
                            Nobushige Kumakubo:F / Neova (225/40-18) R / Neova (255/25-18)
                            Yoichi Imamura:F / RE-01 (235/40-18) R / RE-01 (265/35-18)
                            Yuuki Izumida:F / RevSpec (255/40-17) R / RevSpec (255/40-17)
                            Masatoshi Asamoto:F / Neova (225/40-18) R / Neova (265/35-18)
                            Koichi Yamashita:F / RevSpec (225/40-18) R / RevSpec (265/35-18)
                            Yasuyuki Kazama:F / RE-01 (235/40-17) R / RE-01 (265/40-17)
                            Kazuhiro Tanaka:F / Neova (235/40-17) R / Neova (255/35-18
                            Yoshinori Koguchi:F / Azenis ST115 (235/40-17) R / Azenis ST115 (265/35-18)
                            Takahiro Ueno:F / Neova (255/35-18) R / Neova (265/35-18)
                            Akinori Utsumi:F / Neova (235/40-17) R / Neova (275/35-18)
                            Seigou Yamamoto:F / Azenis ST115 (245/40-18) R / Azenis ST115 (265/35-18)





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                              Damn you, stop that!
                              Just because the D1 "gods" use those tire combos doesn't mean they're gonna work on a 90hp SR5. All of them are too grippy. We're talking some serious economy tires to get anywhere near the coefficient of friction AE86_Drift wants. I'm sorry I've had to post so many times in this thread, however I wanted to set some things straight.