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Drift School by Toronto?

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  • Drift School by Toronto?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is a place where I can drift like a school or somtin in toronto or close to maple. I am 14 and I would drift rite now at this second with my moms car but there is 1 reson that i cant.... is there a place where i can drift

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    You're 14. Drift on a PS2, XBox or PC.

    Better yet, save up some money, so when you are "legally" able to drive a car, buy a car of your own and spare the site of your mom's car being wrapped around a pole.

    Enough fun on my part...driftnation holds drifting classes around the GTA.

    There's also going to be a D1 driver search, sometime soon. Either July or August. The drift king is going to be there along with Nomuken (I think).
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      Please god don't tell us that you are going to Drift your moms car at 14 years old. What happens if you crash it, roll the bead on the tire and shove the axle through the rear end or bend tie rod ends. Maybe hit a light pole. Comon man, get into carting or something so that you can learn at least a little car control. Don't go thrashing your moms car. If they are willing to let you learn then have them buy you a car and go that route. It's just simple respect.


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        Not Drift school, go to a performance Driving school!!!!!!!!

        Learn to drive the right way first.


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          Agreed. How can you go out and drift right now, if you can't even drive.