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  • funny police stories

    just wanna hear stories of you being pulled over and why and if/how you got out of a ticket because i want to laugh and know what its like to get pulled over and get out of it.

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    beg like a little bizzatch


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      i think beggin only works if youre a girl and if youre young. beggin doesnt work anymore.


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        I got pulled over twice for drifting around a turn. the first time the cop didnt say much and just let me go for some reason. he was cool. the second time I got pulled over the officer was like "wow! that was some pretty fancy turn you jsut took there. its almost like that wasnt the first time doing that." I was like...yeah.... officer: "tell you what, since its late at night and you were the only one on the road, I dont see any real harm by what you just did. but if I EVER catch you doing anything illegal again, I will give you a ticket. for now just have a nice day"
        me:"thank you officer, have a good day yourself." and off I went.

        I was just too damn lucky.


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          when i was first learning to drive stick i got pulled over cuz i let the clutch out o fast and spun the tires a bit, so the cop pulled up next to me and saw that i looked young (i was 13) and asked me to pull over. He just kinda let me go tho because he saw that my dad was in the car after he pulled me over and my dad just said i was learning and the cop let me go. If he had asked to see my permit i woulda been meat


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            I wish all cops were like that. I just got pulled over for 43 in a 35


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              Great Lie!

              Alright I Was Heading Home From My Pops Work I Had To Pay Him Back For Some Stuff So I'm In His 2003 E55 AMG (380 Ponys). So I'm Looking At This Turn And Thought I Could Drift It I Was Pretty Good (Amateur). So I Turn Off The TC And I Hit It At 55 (It Was Pretty Sharp Left Turn) The Back Slid Out To Far The TC Cuts On And The Tires Caught And I Did About A 180 Into A Guard-Rail. The Cop Got There And I Shat Myself. I Told Him I Just Took The Turn A Little To Fast And Put On The Brakes And The Back Spun Around(Morron)!!! SO I Got Out Of The Law Part But Not The Parents So I Had To Pay About 3500 For The Paint and Dent Removal!!!!
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                that hella sucks dude


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                  I was coming home from work. Around 630 in the morning, and I was flying around at 60mph. at about ever light I was in front. I was in a hurry to get home, because I had to take my brother to collage. I was laying' rubber ever time the light turned. Well I was in the far right lane. On surface streets and missed my left turn so I made a right instead. i was going pretty fast and I spun & slid the rear out a little. Catching the eye of an officer. I was doing about 60 uphill. At the time I didn't notice him following. Made a left at the light and the officer right behind me... I then noticed him and slowed down. I was obeying the law and signaled left like a law-abiding citizen and then "honk! honk!" "Lightís" awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... he pulls me over...

                  Me: I signaled officer.
                  Him: yes, I saw that... but I pulled you over for doing 60mph, Do you know the speed limit of the street back there?
                  Me: oh, yes officer.... 50mph
                  Him: "grins" No, Sir where doing 60... and may I say a lot faster then my car can do up hill.
                  Me: oh...
                  Him: Are you armed?
                  Me: no, I'm un-armed
                  Him: Sir can you exit the vehicle and pop the hood?
                  Me: Sure can....
                  Him: everything looks factory.... no violations here. Now can I see your license and insurance papers & registrations...
                  Me: "hands him everything"
                  Him: well.... You gotten a ticket about 17 months ago.... I hate to be the one to give you this ticket and have your license suspended. So next time drive slower, you have about a month left or so.
                  Me: great so I can go. Thanks a lot.
                  Him: this is a warning...
                  Me: cool

                  lol.... Iím still tripping over this.... I know he would have given me a ticket if I werenít in uniform. haha haha!!

                  Government officer vs. officer

                  K.O.!!! Government officer wins! Whoop whoop!!!!