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you know your a drifting freak when...

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  • you know your a drifting freak when...

    You know you're a drifting freak when..

    ..You're on a first-name basis with the local Japanese car Dealership

    ..You replace seatbelts with drift bars or drift handles
    ..You use your hands as drift handles

    ..You'd rather have an '89 240sx than a '04 maxima

    ..You know what a "Candy Orange Silvia Varietta" is, and who it belongs to (Signal Auto)

    ..You know what a "Varietta-Aero" is

    ..You're on a first-name basis with ALL of your local tire shops

    ..your car's company revokes its "Tires for Life" agreement in your contract when you buy a car

    ..You know how to drift in a FWD Car

    ..In a 6-segment curved road, you only make 4 turns

    ..You know the differences between a Sil-80, a Sil-Lady, a Sil-240 and a Sil-360

    ..You've ever thought (or shouted) " (insert name here) was right" after experiencing a rollover in a FWD car

    ..You're good at drifting in a FWD car

    .."Kickshifting 45 to 1"

    ..You have skidmarks/treads on tha 60, 10, or 15 freeway

    ..J, Q and K all have special meanings to you.

    ..You bought a Japanese car, and came back five days later with upgrade questions or a bill.

    ..You love rain (hard, monsoon-season rain)

    ..Your enemies consist of anything and everything else on the road.

    ..You've ever slammed into your garage door/gate at 20(+) MPH (oops!)

    ..You've ever repositioned your friends according to weight ratios

    ..Your friends won't even get in your car

    ..Your trunk is f*cked up

    ..Your system comes loose, despite the amp being screwed down and an subwoofer flips.

    ..Your GF/Fiancee/Wife is named Aya, Tomoko, Elisa, "Candy," or Sakura

    ..You see red and blue in your side window

    ...You outperform your local highway patrol

    ..You wonder how long you can consecutively pull figure 8's without stopping or throwing up

    ..You see red and blue in your front window

    ..You've ever run into a sidewalk, complete with treadmarks going into the sidewalk

    ..You detest traction control, swearing it is the devil

    ..You laugh at the punk with the civic who chirps his tires trying to impress some girls

    ..You've ever impressed girls by powersliding into a parking lot/valet
    spot without hitting any of the cones

    ..Every day after work, you leave a little bit later so you get to gun the gate,
    powerslide down the ramp onto the street, gun your engine and drift through the red light

    ..You have to neutral-cruise and e-brake on a rainy day in order to regain control

    ..You lose control in 1st gear on a dry road.

    ..Toyo Tires, Kumho Tires or Yokohama Tires offer you a test job.

    ..You've actually drifted in a VW Beetle (^_^)

    ..Two words: Initial-D

    ..You've ever left signature treads

    ..You own a lancer evolution III

    ..Your name is in the C.H.P. listing, along with signature treads

    ..You've ever side-ended someone unintentionally

    ..Someone T-Bones you and you say "nah, it's ok. I never needed my sides anyway"

    ..You've left building imprints

    ..Someone rear-ends you, and you let them go, "oh that was you?
    i thought i got that from the parking meter"

    ..Automatic makes you uncomfortable

    ..A 9-to-5 means something other than work

    ..You and your crew's cars consist only of Toyota, mitsubishi, or Nissans

    ..You have a grim smile while going over the "Extended Warranty Plan" at a Toyota Dealership

    ..You spend more time driving sideways than straight

    ..The local NissanSilvia crews let you hang out with them,
    despite the fact you're driving a pt cruiser.

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    hahaha...thats quite a list...but saddly only part of it pertains to me...hmm...maybe i should check off all the ones that i havent done yet...haha...


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      Drifting websites?

      Can you guys list a few good Drifting websites besides Club4ag and