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    I'm thinking about picking up a 85 sr5 corolla hatchback with 173000 miles.
    What price range should I look at for a straight and clean haichi roku?

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    Just get a GTS trust me.

    To answer your question I wouldn't pay more than $1000 for any sr5.


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      you can get them around for 500 but thats a long time for looking nad most likely its beat up you can get them for around 500-3000 depends on condition and if the owner knows there popular now just look around and you can get good one for a good price.


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        gts vs. sr5

        What are the differences between the sr5 and the gts


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          just about the whole rear end...


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            Hachi Roku

            Are you gettin a corolla from here (US) or one imported from Japan. Because everyone knows the ones here suck @$$. Personally, I'd get an FC or a 240 if I wanted an old car. They're better maintained and easier to find. If you want a old corolla you gotta spend a lot on fixing it to normal standard before you can start drifting.


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              I only spent about $1000 getting mine back to normal. The total cost of my car is barely $3000.

              Yes it has rust, Yes the car has lots of miles. Yes i's fun as anything. Yes I love it.

              You should drive a GTS before making a decision. Maybe you won't like the way it behaves. Remember there's no such thing as a car that's suited to everyone.

              For me the Corolla is all about effort. If you aren't willing to put effort into things you'll always be mediocre at best. Remember any car you get you'll have to work your *Censored**Censored**Censored* off to support since you're out there doing things it's not designed to do. If you're looking at a drift car with maintenance/hassle in mind rather than fun you're gonna be dissapointed. ANY drift car is gonna be a *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*. I spend more time working on mine than actually drifting.

              But for me it's not about that. Even a drive to the store makes me happy. Every time I sit in it I have fun. And the more I understand it the faster I go.

              Just make sure it feels right the moment you get in. If not it might not be the right car for you.