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83 celica worth it?

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  • 83 celica worth it?

    I stumbled across a 83 celica sitting in a yard earlier today. Wrote the vin is a hatch GT model.


    The thing is all rusted out body wise..but would it be worth picking it up for 200 bucks as a beater car (that is..are they hard to drift)? Thanks.

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    how many miles? Does it *run*?


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      it's basically like a carolla sr5 with a 22r motor. So they have good petential. I had a 84 Celica but sold it to a friend recently.


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        22r is an awsome powerplant. I thought they were ff, but if not, id say go for it.


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          no they are FR to my knowledge...does anyone know the weight balance on the 83 celica? Would it be possible to get it sideways w/ the stock 22r platform/suspension?

          oh it's got 140,000 on the runs..but like i said the body is practically shot to *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* and i plan to (if i get it) sand her down to metal and bondo then primer..


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            Correct, they're FR layout.
            Thats a nice car. Unfortunately, you may want to upgrade the Suspension first and stiffen it out before going sideways. Its a murder on wet road.


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              a celica would be a great car to get lots of low end torqe in the 22r powerplant you can make gobs of power with the 2.4 liter either naturally aspirated or even turbocharged, the trans dont shift to smoothly but if you dont mind that i would make a good drift car, i would lower the rear, my friends old celica usually wanted to oversteer,


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                55/45 weight distrubution... so it's almost perfect. Really easy to get sideways. I really had fun with mine. It's definately a good beginner car to drift. Have fun man!