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  • Virtual drifters.

    This is a term that I heard come up in a thread, it can also be put like this "too many people spend their time on the boards and not drifting blah blah blah. Well I don't know about these people but I personally can't spend every waking minute of every day in the drivers seat. Why that would be just ludicrous. With the price of tires and gas, bodywork, paint and whatever else, my job, kids if anyone has em, the mortgage, and god forbid, wife. I just can't afford to stay in the seat all day. So on those off times that I am not in the car, I like to come here and discuss the finer points of a sport/style that I love to do. So if anyone out there thinks that I am an armchair drifter, suck it. Find me in the mountains on hway 129 on the Tenn/NC border. I can usually be found there moving rapidly from turn to turn in a zen-like state. Then we can discuss the finer points of not hurtling down the side of the mountain while I pull away from you like a missle attack on Baghdad. Harsh and fast.

    If you don't like it then why the heck did you come to the site in the first place? Thats what a forum is you mongoloids, a place for folks with the same or different views to throw ideas, suggestions or general banter at one another. Makes everyone better. Whether someone has a car or not, the non-havers can listen to the old farts and maybe be better when they do start driving.

    So if you like the sport and want to be a part of it, then you gonna have to accept the fact that everyone is not Drifter X like you think you are. We all have jobs or school or whatever is in our lives. Somedays we may not be able to champion the cause of the sideways army and have to settle for keyboards instead of steering wheels.

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    you either coincited or a genius... i cant tell which. I own a car..two actully. I do not have a license. I have been LEARNING AND INTERESTED in drifting since... early last year. I plan to drift and toge(looked it up...i feel stupid now cuz its spelled like that) race as much as i possiably can. but ive realized that. school,girls, partys and two jobs will occupy most of my time. but those 4 hours after work will be good time to drift. I need two jobs to support my habits and my car.


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      its spelled "touge" pronounced toe ga-y


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        my japanese to english spells it toge... with a thingy above the e...


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          my japanese to english dictorary.. spells it toge... with a thingy above the e...


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            Precisely. There are other things that you want to do. Exactly what I am saying. That is why it makes me mad when someone comes on the boards and says that we should stop talking and go driving. Which is kind of a stupid thing to type since they are here typing at that precise moment and not out there shutting up and driving.

            Whether you own a car or have a license, or don't have a license but own a car. That doesn't matter. If you are seriously interested in this sport or any other, then you will find a way to make yourself better. Whether it be listening to the rambles of someone who does drive or going out commando and doing it yourself. Anyone can do anything. All they have to do is try it. I encourage noobs or newbs. I don't care about what people call ricing. Hell yea I like that style. It's them that keep the cops attn on them and away from me. So folks, I love ya. If it wasn't for them I can gaurantee you that Drifting would have taken ALOt longer to get here. Since we gonna get the neg attn either way, may as well let them get it all.

            No-one is going to stop stupidity. If you can, patent it and don't forget the little guys when you are richer than Bill Gates.

            Oh and I thank you for that. I like to think Genius but it probably leans more towards Idiot Savant. But conceited. Nope.


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              I'm not sure what Japanese-English dictionary you're using, but it's written "touge" as the characters are to-u-ge.