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    I'm going to be starting a project on a new drift car and I have been thinking that I may get a good tuner to help me put it together this time so that I get the most out of my car. My problem is that I do not know any really good tuner shops for nissans.

    I really like Signal Autos work and was thinking of having them do it but I have recently heard that their California shop isn't up to par with their Japanese shops and that it is not all that great of a shop. I would appreciate if anyone could give me any information on this.


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    Signal is an AWSOME shop! come on, whoever ricers told you that they are not up to par are idiots!

    where do you think they made there USDM drift twins at?


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      Signal Auto is not all that good in the states. Go to Blast Racing in Gardena, they are an Rh9 Tuner. Or you can go to Kid Racing i think, also in Gardena. Kida runs Kid's Racing. Mr. Kida is the brother of Kouske's.
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        Sounds good, do you have a website for those two shops? I guess I can just go look on google.

        Thanks for the help


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          Just to clarify, Ryuhei Kida's shop is called Kid's Automotive, not Kid Racing.

          Here's the contact info!

          Kid's Automotive
          1610 W Artesia Blvd
          Gardena, CA 90248
          (310) 532-6713

          You can probably get a discount if you bring plenty of beer with your car.


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            What makes the U.S. Signal Auto any less than the Japanese ones?


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              how about MotoRex?in Gardena?Chris Forsberg works there..i think he wouldnt mind helping out..since he does have a nissan himself(350z,with a SR20)


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                Originally posted by 350zFan
                how about MotoRex?in Gardena?Chris Forsberg works there..i think he wouldnt mind helping out..since he does have a nissan himself(350z,with a SR20)
                He's a driver,not a tuner,engineer,or your friend,a driver.You shouldn't suggest people you don't even personally know.You aren't even sure if he's willing to take on the task to begin with.You don't just go out and send people to other peoples doorstep like that.


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                  go to:

                  they are cool group of people, very knowledgable.

                  Tell them Eugene sent you

                  FYI: they specialize on 240's / 86s and FC.

                  The owner is a FC enthusiast.

                  They'll be at Mazda festival this saturday @ Mazda R&D.

                  go to: Contact info.. to get their tel# and their address.


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                    signal auto : I plead the 5th....
                    um motorex is ok.... I hear phase II is ok and aerodyne. Try blast racing though I hear they are good


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                      Alright, thanks for the help.
                      What about Mckinney Motorsports? How would you compare them to Blast Racing and some of the other shops?


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                        McKinney is a good fabricator. But you asked for tuning. Blast is FCON PRO V tuner in japan.


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                          Ahh gotcha. Yeah someone just suggested them to me but I think I will probably get in contact with Blast, seems like the way to go.


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                            Blast is right next to Motorex.


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                              It's probabaly a little far for you. Motorsport Dynamics of Sacramento gets my vote... They built the S14 I am driving in Formula D. They are reasonably priced and do really good work. Henry and their staff really know what they are doing. They also have a dyno pak to tune your car.

                              I feel terrible after banging up the car in Feb D1 and again in Formula D in August. Fortunately, this time is not that bad, just a bumper and a little sheet metal pulling and paint. Thanks to the guys at Revolution Autobody in Sacramento.


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