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    I am thinking of starting a drifting club in new england. I am starting a site and forum, the site isn't up yet but the domain is I think it be great to have a drifting club in NE. Let me know if you wanna help out.


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    im new to these forums, but think its a great idea... i dont have a car yet but i'm pretty knowledgeable once i get one im going to drift every single night... i plan on taking it,and beating the west coast / japan

    if no one was going to set this up i was planning. more organization the easier we can close the skill gap

    if you need any help with the coding, or anthing feel free to drop me an email.

    btw im from springfield massachusetts
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      cool. What type of coding do you know?

      Anymore new england drifters up for this club?


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        I'd be more than happy to join up with this idea.

        88 Rx7 GXL (Portsmouth, RI)


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          sounds good to me..if you guys know anybody else that likes to drift..tell em bout it.



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            hey i'm game, i'm in Derry, NH. where the is willmont? is that near east bum fuk?


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              yeh Wilmot is in east bum fuk lol.


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                seriously where is it? and what car do you have?

                i got a 89 mr2 supercharged newly painted.


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                  Its 30 minutes north of concord..

                  I have a 77 280Z (Restoring it)

                  and I am getting a 84 300ZX turbo in a couple weeks.


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                    okay the club forum is up..



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                      Originally posted by zerodrifter
                      seriously where is it? and what car do you have?

                      i got a 89 mr2 supercharged newly painted.
                      That doesn't run...? When did you paint it?


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                        Originally posted by Parry
                        That doesn't run...? When did you paint it?
                        go parry, your right no run but decided to keep the car and the good engine from my old 86. The paint would be the famous gray primer spots after some good ole pink bondo work. Sorry i didn't specify. i also got another thing up my sleeve but i'll post wehn it comes in.


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                          hahahaha, so shoulda sold it to me.

                          Actually, I saw one on rt. 4 for 400 bucks. It's been there a little while, I bet I could talk them down...

                          If ya need a hand with any of the work let me know, I'd be happy to help.


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                            400 bucks, hmm I know someone who might like it, where on rt 4?


                            I am all in for it, if you need some help you got a CS major here.

                            PS: soon as I get the GT4 back running (finally found a place to rebuild the turbo) I would love to get a group together and go out for a drive and have some fun, no matter what the weather is like.
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                              sounds good

                              lets seriously get something going. i heard this spring that canobie lake park in salem, NH might hold a drift even this spring. heard it on this forum.