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  • Florida Drifting

    Where in S Florida can i find Drifting tracks, i searched all over google and there's notin man!

    I'm sure our streets are wide enough to drift BUT if we get pulled over we going to jail. (since april 2003 some levels of wreckless driving can end up in jail and HUGE FINES + its now SERIOUSLY VERY ilegal to street race)

    I found 3 sweet deals for Ae86s (2HB 1coupe!!) but i cant buy a car unless i can show Legiteness to my parental unit (not saying i wont rip the streets anyways)

    ^^ If you help me out, i'll buy 1 and post 2 in the forsale section.

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    Go to and you'll find all the info you needSouth florida drifters


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      Uhhhhh. I think you should not tell your parents you are going to drift. Parents dont really see anything good about it.

      1 sideways
      2 burns through tires.
      3 illegal
      4 useless
      5 illegal
      6 dangerous
      7 noisy
      8 illegal

      That about sums it up. But if you want to know more about events in florida check out

      We have them down in Miami area and up in the Ocala area.


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        resurecting thread as i look thru my old posts...which are not many...

        i just wanted to say i bought a white 86 HB for $100 ~ 2weeks after i started this thread. and its currently in a friend's show under 20v surgery!! we're just finishing up wiring and the power steering

        i got really into this sideways thing and even though my old 4ac only ran on 2.5 cylinders! i still got it to slide in dirt...i'll be seeing you guys around!

        hialiah this weekend...i'll be there...the 86 most likely wont, but i'll bring pics!

        before summer starts i'll have all the suspension i need and a welded differential (untill if find gts rearend and lsd)...of course i gotta save up some money!

        What else is going on in Florida this season?


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          Hey, has a drift practice in Hialeah.

          I was thinking about the Auto-X event in Homestead but the Ter-Tech event looks alot more fun.


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            prereg now 50 bucks to drift this sunday ... DO IT DO IT


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              I'll be there selling tires if anyone needs them.


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                did you aprove this with ter tech?


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                  well not gonna happen now my ride up there is now grounded so im not comming up there witch means no tires.


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                    ter-tech guys run great events... i love hialeah, just be careful of the wall! lol we had a blast there putting on a "no ants" demo.....