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  • destruction derb

    Ok this is one of the dumbest ideas my group of friends and i have had in a while.
    one under $300 car per person that runs
    one dirt field and set of motocross jumps
    a handfull of stupid individuals
    a lot of 2 inch square tubing (for cages)
    spray paint
    fire extinguishers

    Anybody wanna come
    we will preferably do it on a day where it is sunny after rain
    just bring your shittiest car for some redneck racing

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    will your parents let you do this?


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      its not at my house and im sure if my mom didnt know my dad would back me up 100 %

      might make a harness rule or a duct tape tape harness rule

      some sort of neck protect system would be good too


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        just dont die


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          if u do this u gotta get it on video.


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            Thats kind of like what they did on Viva la Bam. Abyways, demilation derb.s are fun as hell. Here in my redneck college town of macomb, there are dem. derbies and dirt track racing every weekend. The best part is that there is a 240 and a crx that are beating the crap out of all the other cars there.


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              yea itl be on video
              otherwise everone would just call bs on us

              im lookin for something like a pinto,gremlin,dart


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                DUDE. I see it on the news already... Just don't call yourself a drifter... Please don't do that...

                Tell them you like to street race...


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                  smash up a dart for this?

                  This idea is bunk. Go fix some cars instead of smashing them.


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                    Oh how the youth of our nation have lost their way.......


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                      no joke ghost.


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                        Ghost, you should smack him...


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                          hey relax people
                          if your not into it then dont show up or flame

                          its just a little fun

                          besides id rather spend 200 bucks on a car that i could smash up than some bs thats called jdm for the same price

                          cars arent about street cred, mufflers, ricers, stock car racers, drifters, or draggers.
                          its all how much fun you have while doing it.
                          just have fun doing what you do untill it gets you in trouble and then do it once more


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                            Originally posted by Hachi-roku04
                            cars arent about street cred, mufflers, ricers, stock car racers, drifters, or draggers.
                            Cars are about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Cars are about putting your soul into something. Cars are about the busted knuckles, cuts, and burns. Cars are about bending steel and aluminum to your very will.

                            Cars are about intuition. Cars are about balance. Cars are about ability.

                            Cars are not about destruction. They are not about scenes. They abhor street cred. They only want to be built and driven. If you are doing otherwise than what are you about?

                            Race them, don't wreck them. Build them, don't break them.


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                              .... Parry, that was beautiful, man....

                              ****BIG APPLAUSE*****