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    i am actually also a DVD wholesaler and distributor called OPTION MEDIA WORKS for all the american and japanese media pieces.

    i saw a post on someone asking for vids, they even checked kazaa for it, so i thought i would post this

    the current hot flic out in the industry over here that is COMPLETELY IN ENGLISH and has all the crazy video that any drift tengoku does is called HASHIRIYA. it has real deal footage of all the guys that came to Drift Showoff not too long ago like Koguchi, Bai (drifter x) and a ton of others. not trying to sell stuffs here, just bring the real info. it has all the footage of them drifting at night on the osaka japan streets, touge racing (mountain racing and drift), interviews with all the top shops in japan, and some killer road race and even a little japanese skyline drag racing and such. it is also an american coded DVD so it will work in ANY dvd player you have unlike some of the japanese ones where you need a foreign market decoder check the pic...

    u can watch the preview of some of the drifters here, they are some of the people that are in the movie. these are not clips from the actual Hashiriya vid Driver Preview Clip

    so, i know everyone in the drift scene is pretty hard up for cash. i can sell this vid through my company to anyone from here for 20 dollars. they usually sell for 25-28 in the stores easily. it is a legit real deal plastic wrapped dvd in a box and the whole 9 direct from my wherehouse.

    i can be reached mon-fri usually anytime during sane hours at 310.323.8144 at OPTION MEDIA WORKS. shipping is through UPS of course with tracking numbers, can take credit cards or paypal, whatever is easier for you. if you have questions just email me at and i will hit ya back as soon as i get it.

    i carry a lot of stuff, like the grip videos, mischief vids, etc. the main retail store site will be up soon where u can get all this stuff including all the japanese titles like option, option2, drift tengoku, auto works, all the hyperREV books,etc. so, i will let ya'll know when that happens too. hope this info helps ya!
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    Do you have most of the Option Video titles?


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      key word there is had... i have had them all at one point or another, the older stuff is usually sold out, so i special order it for people. i can get pretty much whatever most of the time, in some rare cases japan is completely sold out, but that is only on the crazy crazy popular hard to find stuff.