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Yuke's D1gp game video clips

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  • Yuke's D1gp game video clips

    pretty cool game and tight graphics

    here's the link:


    -Thanks Yukio from for the vids

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    `my friend has the game its alright its fun but it needs better graphics the cars when u watch reply just start sliding around lol kinda funny but a great game my advice to anyoen who has a Harddrive or jdm ps2 get it


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      the game is hella fun...the graphics detail on the cars r hella good but on the rest of the stuff its kind of low....they look funny drifting around because some one that was making the vid never took of drift assist and u barley have to counter steer ( looks way better when its off ) and u dont need a ps2 for japan u can get magic swap for about 20 bucks and play japanese games and burned games...with out having to do any internal mods


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        looks like a fun game. where can i get it?


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          sweet clips


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            I have the game. The first thing you will notice when you play the game is how slow and crappy the graphics are. But if you can get passed that it becomes a damn fun game with most of the tracks that D1 runs on so its cool.


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              Its Cool for a First game.

              I bought the D1 GP Game when it first came out and its not the Best nor is it the worst. The Control reminds me of Tokyo Extreme racer and is Soft. The Graphics are okay but the real draw is being able to Drift those famous Japanese circuits and do a Season of D1! The first Day I had it I just Did the Irwindale Driftway thing like 100 times in different cars. Hopefully Next year or whenever they can tighten up the weak points.

              Magicswap is cool BUT it doesn't work with all games. I was sooooo Po-ed when the Import GT4 came out and it wouldn't play because it was dual Layered. I saw a Newer version of Magic Swap out so maybe it adresses that issue.