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2005 Tsukuba Super Lap

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  • 2005 Tsukuba Super Lap

    Hot Version 2005 Tsukuba Super Lap on JDM Option 14!

    At last, the 2005 Tsukuba Super Lap is here! Follow Dorikin, Tarzan, Orido, and Akira into the world of the Japanese Time Attack! The ZERO Sports Impreza and the RUNDUCE Lancer Evo, the Super Lap titans, go against the almighty Saurus built GT-R for an all out time attack battle! With 14 different time attack machines there's bound to be some crashes and broken records. We even strap on grip tires to the top D1 vehicles and have them take a crack at the time attack!

    Want to know how the king of sideways does it? The "Drift King" Keiichi Tsuchiya along with Monkichi Orido decide to give a drifting lesson. Ride along with the living legend himself, and view his masterful techniques as well as his mistakes!

    Another episode of Monkichi Orido's dramatic lifestyle is captured on tape! We take away Orido's privacy and follow him around with our cameras to learn about a professional racer's lifestyle. In this episode, Mr. Tsuchiya holds a celebration for Orido's GT race victory at a private VIP room. Join the wild group as bottoms go up!

    More pics coming!

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    Thats all!


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      wow that's some nice shots!! do you have a sample clip for us


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        I gotta find it from Option Video Japan! Here it is-

        Large size-
        Middle size-


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          that R1 is incredible.


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            That yellow 7 has the most retarted exhaust I've seen.