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  • Your drifter: Before & After

    Hi guys. I started a similar thread on another forum, and it turned out great. So I figured I should do the same here

    The point is to post pictures of your car before you began to modify it for drifting and after you where "done". Whether you just lowered it, or buildt a full out drift car, I want to see it

    Some rules though:

    1. Only two pics. Before and after!
    2. Maximum width 600px!
    3. Feel free to comment, but keep it tidy and on topic!

    I'll start by posting my 180sx (or 200sx as it's called here in Norway).

    When I bought it it had a T28 turbo, FMIC, rear arb and some 15" alloys. I've been on a budget on this project, and as it sits now it's total cost is about $5000...

    1. Tanabe coilovers
    2. J-blood bodykit
    3. 2-way Kaaz LSD
    4. Stripped interior
    5. Sparco seat and Sabelt 4-point harness
    6. Poly bushings (rear subframe and front arb)
    7. Manifold, elbow and downpipe
    8. HKS cat-back
    9. 17" MIM alloys (cheap )

    Not near finished, but at least it drifts well and will hopefully be reliable



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    looks nice bro. i wish i could post pics of my car but im still on a 3 month backorder from bout my kei office coilovers


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      i agree...very nicely done, i hope to save enough money so i can go all out on my mods on my car....then i'll be like WOOT WOOT!!!!, lol....


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        Well I got my beaten 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S from the Junkyard with Broken Windows, Blown Engine, Nasty Interior Exterior and Engine Bay, Missing Parts...So I stripped it cleaned it and now it storming the streets of San Antonio...Here's the link for the whole story, pretty long, theres also lots of pictures there...

        Here's a Old After Picture:

        Here Are The Current Specs:
        JDM Red Line Tail Lights
        JDM Smoked Corner Lights
        JDM Smoked Eye Lids
        JDM Front Bumper and lights<REMOVED>
        Cleaned Up and Polished Old School Z Wheels

        Nardi Steering Wheel and Dandy/TOM'S Steering Wheel
        Cusco Spin Turn Knob
        AW11 Seats
        Kenwood KDC-X959 Head Unit
        Trust Shift Knob
        Clarion Speakers

        Engine Bay & Misc:
        K&N Filter
        JDM Cusco Strut Bar
        NGK Racing Spark Plug Wires
        Turbo II Fuel Pump

        "Modified" and Deburred Block For Better Oil Travel
        7-rib W/ Oil Squirters Red Top AE92 Block
        Red Top AE92 Crank and Rods
        Rock Aftermarket Red Top AE92 High Compression Piston
        Bored Cylinder Walls for Bigger Pistons^
        Milled Head for Higher Compression ^_^
        Blue Top AE86 Head
        Removed TVIS Including EGR
        Findanza Flywheel *not installed yet*

        Foot Work:
        Recently Installed:
        Cusco Camber Plates
        Cusco RCA's
        TRD Japan Race Springs Front- 4kg Rear- 6kg
        Turbo Impulse KYB Gas-A-Shocks Rear
        Toyota AE86 Stock Shocks Front
        "Q's Fabrication" Adjustable Lateral Rod

        Drive Train:
        LSD Rear End
        TRD Short Shifter
        Aisin Pressure Plate
        South African Street Clutch Disk
        ACT *Koyo* Thowout Bearing

        and more.....
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          did you say done? its never done!


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            Hot cars, awesome sig hatebobbarker!!!


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              Heres mine. Can't be assed sitting here typing the mods as I need a dump.

              Its a genuine 1998 RPS13 180SX Type X. Was a little sad when I brought her in Japan. I recently sold it to go live in the UK! What a dumb move, this place sux!

              Now it looks like this. (Actually I think it has been trashed since the new owner is lazy)

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                Originally posted by hatebbobbarker
                did you say done? its never done!
                Nah, didn't say done. I said "done"


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                  after before:

                  after that:


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                    hey quick question to spoonfork.. do u actually drift it? or is it just a show car either way its a hot car keep it up man


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                      that car was competing in formula drift sonoma.


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                        Originally posted by D1 DRIFTER
                        hey quick question to spoonfork.. do u actually drift it? or is it just a show car either way its a hot car keep it up man

                        Hey question for D1 Drifter. Are you a D1 Drifter or just using an SN?



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                            omg its a terrorist driving! quick someone call team america!


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                              before, stock:

                              during valmorphanication


                              whiel under more valmorphanication and doing some testing

                              and now it looks like this since we finished the conversions

                              special thanks to mr. squarepants, he put in a lot of work on this effort.