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D1GP Ebisu (Photos)

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  • D1GP Ebisu (Photos)

    ive never seen drifting in person before so what better place to start then at a d1 event. It was at the ebisu circuit, about 4.5 hours from where im staying, or 1.5 by the shinkansen. so after a $85 train ride and $30 cab i finally get to the course. i walk into the parking lot and see a load of nice cars, skylines, silvias, supras.fdís whatever you can name it was probably there. i start to get giddy when i hear the noises from the track when i saw the cars and what they could do, needless to say i wasnt dissappointed. i had no sleep, or food, it was really crowded hot as hell, but it didnt matter. i had standing room seats only but they were at the best part of the course, right on the main hairpin where the judging took place. well i guess ill shutup now heres the album:

    yes i realize my photography skills suck, the timing took a little while to nail down too, but there are some good ones.

    theres a bunch more pics that didnt get put up, but ill throw em on after i get off work.

    The vids mite take a min or two to load before they play, so just wait it out. - sivilaís - RE amemiya FD project mu Levin blitz 4door r34 s15 RS-R Supra, this thing was a 700 hp monster s13 vs s14

    this file is kinda big because its not compressed, I had my digi cam set for the highest res as well. ill upload another when I figure out how to do it rsr supra crash

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    my friends and i went to lawsons the DAY before the event..and they stopped selling we procrastinated so bad..

    back on subject, nice pics man...havent checked out the vids yet, but you're one lucky man.

    did they start D1 street legal at ebisu?

    where are you located? we might be going to daikoku on friday

    us at lawsons...almost as good as D1


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      lol that sucks man, yea i got my tickets the week before, everything else was sold out cept for the standing tickets which turned out to be sweet anyways. im not sure if they started the street legal events yet. i live in matsudo about 30 min away from Ueno station.

      anyways i got all my vids together and compressed, still kinda big though

      link for all of my higher (640x480) res vids about minute and a half long 20mb
      includes footage of a couple of crashes

      link for all of my lower res movies(320x240), 7.5 minutes long about 100mb
      footage throughtout the day


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        Love the videos, thanks!!


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          Im in love man......

          Dude thats awesome i wish i could have gone.

          ohh and on your photography sucking well the still shots wernt bad you need follow the car with the camera for the action shots instead of hiting the button and hopeing its in the frame

          I mean im not photographer (hell i cant even spell it) but i like takeing pictures and that useally works for action shots


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            well for the most of the pics i used the focus lock when i was taking the pics, so i just had to get the timing down as to when i should fully press the button for the shutter. but ya i did follow the car as it came towards me, 800 view and you are the first to say something about em. thanks for the comments!