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Ae86 Irish style..You gotta see (Sr20DEt Power)

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  • Ae86 Irish style..You gotta see (Sr20DEt Power)

    This is a few pics of probable the best drift prepared Ae86 going and that includes Japan . db

    Owner and builder of this fantastic car is Darren McNamara,Ireland

    Darren will be competing in the D1 GP at Silverstone on Oct 2nd and along with Eric O'Sullivan in His 20v Corolla

    Car Spec

    SR20DET Conversion
    Custom McNamara wiring loom
    Greddy Puller Kit
    3 Core McNamara custom "V" mount Intercooler with 3' piping
    3 core McNamara custom "V" mount Radiator with custom Alu Header Tank
    Custom Samco Silicone hose kit
    Twin Pacet Competition Fans
    HKS Tubular Manifold
    Trust Turbo outlet
    Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust System
    Forge adj. actuator running 0.9 Bar Boost
    Toda Racing 5kg flywheel
    Custom McNamara engine mounts
    Modified sump to clear steering rack
    Lightweight altenator
    Nismo Oil Cap
    Stant Hi-Pressure Rad Cap
    Sard Racing Iridium Race Plugs

    Nissan 180sx Gearbox with modified casing to clear tunnel
    Toda Racing Paddle clutch
    Toda Racing Strengthened Pressure Plate
    Custom McNamara Gearbox Mount
    Nismo Solid Shifter
    Custom McNamara Lightened and balanced one piece Prop shaft
    Undisclosed rear axle
    Locked Differential

    Fully Stripped out and lightened
    OMP ARS bucket seat
    FIA seat brackets
    Williams 4 point 3' Harness
    OMP Corsica steering wheel
    Sparco Group N Snap off Boss
    Defi Link Control Unit 2
    Defi BF Boost Gauge
    Defi BF Oil Pressure Gauge
    Defi BF Water Temp. Gauge
    Defi 0-9 Tachometer
    Nismo GT Gear Knob
    Custom McNamara Centre Console
    Custom Aircraft switches
    Varley Red Top Race Battery
    Fibreglass Battery Box
    Sprayed Audi A8 Silver

    Vertex Body Kit
    CBY Overfenders
    Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    Custom McNamara "Big" wheel wells
    Kouki Redline Tailights
    Kouki Headlights
    Kouki Inner Fog Lights
    Fibreglass Tailgate
    TRD rear wing
    Sprayed Imperial blue
    Finished in McNamara Motrorsport Livery

    Custom Brake Lines
    Goodridge Hoses
    Black Diamond Slotted Disks
    Brand New AE86 Calipers all round
    Project Mu MAX 900 Pads
    Vertical Hydraulic Handbrake

    Wheels & Tyres:
    Compomotive ML's 15x8
    ADVAN A048R 195/50/15 (Front)
    KUMHO Ecesta 195/50/15 (Rear)

    Custom McNamara SSB Alu Tank
    Sytec FSE Fuel Pump
    Sytec FSE Pre-Line Bullet Filter
    Steel Braided Fuel Lines Running Through Car

    Chassis + Setup:
    Fully seal welded
    Pop Riveted Chasis Rails
    Custom McNamara 9 Point Roll Cage
    T3 Four Link Kit
    T3 Adj. Panhard Rod
    Whiteline Traction Brackets
    Largus D1 Spec rear Anti-Roll Bar
    TRD rear ARB Poly Bush Kit
    Powerflex Rear ARB Link Bush Kit
    Whiteline Race Spec front Anti-Roll Bar
    Powerflex Front ARB Link Bush Kit
    T3 Roll Centre Adjusters
    Quaife RHD Quick Rack
    Ueo Style Adj. Track Control Arms
    Ueo Style Inner over angle Tie Rods
    Ueo Style Outer Tie Rods
    TEIN Tension Rods
    McNamara Front Coilover Suspension Conversion
    Tokico HTS Shock Absorbers
    McNamara Drift Spring Kit
    TEIN Camber Suspension Tops
    CUSCO OS Front Strut Bar
    T3 Front Tri-Bar
    CUSCO OS Rear Strut Bar
    CUSCO OS Rear Tri-Bar

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    Few more pics of the car


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      DAM!! LOoks REAL good....if you didn't mention that the car was in ireland i would have thought it WAS in japan crazy bloody irish....haha...j/k...


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        AT first I was in a hurry and just looked at the pics quite unattentivly, on a second pass I saw that there was a Nismo vinyl on it.... I paused... thought for a second and saw that there was an SR20 in it. Nice job and keep Ireland rockin with that beast. Hope you do well too!


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          wow. beautiful beautiful car! good luck in d1


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            that is sweet man, how much for a conversion like that though?


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              oh my god. what a sexy beast.


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                wow...very cool


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                  thats alot of stuff... good luck with D1


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                    The car only first competed in july of this year after a long build and I think you can see it in action on the new JDM Option dvd No.18 and it will feature highly in no.21 which will be the D1 GP at Silverston,UK on Oct 2nd (Next weekend)

                    Wish us all luck


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                      Joe, we dont need luck


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                        cost was around 30k and it took 3 to 4 years from what I've heard


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                          looks sick

                          are those mounts availible or are they custom. i mean i know they are custom lol but does mcnamara sell sr-ae86 mounts? motor and tranny...


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                            Came 6th over all at the weekend in the Uk D1 Gp,

                            Passed Fakuda in the last 16 and came up against a Mr.Kazama and only lost to him by 2 points even though Darren bet him but that another story.

                            And we got invited over to Irwindale in December to compete in the final rd

                            All we have to do now is get the money together (No sponsors!!)

                            Check out for full event report

                            Pics of the event can be found here UK demo

                            Catching Kazama !!

                            Passing Fakuda


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                              Dam bro, that is one sick azz AE86!!! I think i just cream in my pants..