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All motor 4 rotor 2.6L Drag rx7(500BHP)

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    Almost sounds like the motor from the 787B

    Type: Wankel Rotary (4)
    Displacement: 2622 cc
    Horsepower: 700 bhp @ 9000 rpm
    Torque: 620 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm


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      Ive seen that car before.. are you sure its only 500 cause the last time i saw that car it was around 700 horses. Yes, they did mass produce 4 rotors in the early 90s until GT, F1, and a few other categorys decided to ban the motors cause they were too godly (i could be wrong on that so dont quote me). And id imagine it would be very rare to find one of those 4s. Oh and you should see the power they can put down with a turbo


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        I heard that they made a 20b, 3 rotor in a car that looked a lil like a 929.. someone knows about it?


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          Originally posted by cerian_ca
          I heard that they made a 20b, 3 rotor in a car that looked a lil like a 929.. someone knows about it?
          yah the name of the car was a Mazda Cosmo. It was twin turbo to i think...


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            four rotors were Never Mass Produced and not available to the public ever

            Only 2 or 3 rotors where available to the public and the 3 rotor was only in japan in a Cosmo- sedan car- not sports car...there are 3 and 4 rotor aftermarket shafts and parts available from Australia or Japan But they are differnt than the factory components, and require a differnt set up...

            if you are really interested in the 3 or 4 rotor after market stuff PM me and i can help you get it!! But it costs bank$$$$$$

            Is that FD the 4 rotor 12a that was at 7 stock?
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              I thought you could cause looked into it before and i found a ton of info on mazda's 4 rotor engines and where to buy them but that was like half a year ago


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                RX-7 guy here to clear some things up.

                Mazda never mass produced the 26B engine, known to others as the ungodly power maker featured in the 727.

                Bridge ports are very common in rotaries, as for high idle, yes that is true. They usually idle at 2k RPM, and you must sustain high revs. Impractical for street driving, good for drifting. The typical rotary "brap brap" comes from the irons overlapping each other due to the port.

                Also, if you are well known, Mazda of Japan does have the molds to produce the core block for the 26b, but that is $125,000. Only two men have purchased them and they were for racecars, but it was banned from most series so who cares now?

                BTW, I'm thinking about a 20b swap into my FB. They can be had for as little as only $4k, and make 300 N/A with a small street port. Jesus Padillia has the fastest all motor RX-7 with only a 13b that makes 9 second passes with only 300 horses. He used to run a 20b, but its been outlawed in drag series everywhere.

                Well End History Lesson (yes I did join the forums just to post this, I'm kinda bored and I was reading up on technique. I mostly frequent


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                  Are you sure? was it factory Mazda? I know they were available for race teams. but not to the public. and not really mass produced?...
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                    4 and 3 rotor

                    Nope, Mazda made 4 rotor's were made for LeMan racing only, private firms make them to order. The JC Cosmo was production from 90'-96' in both 13b and 20b versions. I love this car, Brad Berger in Seattle has one that he brings to our meets....sweet car
                    Some 4rotor info.....Bank!!!!
                    Showroom / Products

                    4 Rotor Crank Kits $9,500.00

                    The 4 rotor kit has the following:-

                    1:- Eccentric Shaft
                    2:- Front counter weight
                    3:- Rear counter weight
                    4:- 2 x Centre plates
                    5:- 2 x Stationary gears (modified)
                    6:- 2 x Stationary gear carriers
                    7:- 2 x Stationary gear external oiling mods
                    8:- Rear main nut
                    9:- 2 x eccentric shaft end caps

                    This kit is built with all new parts and also uses genuine Mazda parts. This is a kit only and you will need an experienced engine builder to organize the rest of the parts and engineering and assemble of the 4 rotor engine.


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                        Absolute thing of beauty, I love N/A power! Thanks for the image of inspiration


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                          heh, check out the RB25 cam angle sensor. Ive always wanted to do a 4 rotor FD. The Scoot 2.4L 12A based 4 rotor is a rad car. Only problem is a 4 rotor is like a 700-800lb engine. Oh and yea Mazda never sold 4 rotor engines to the public. Just 3 rotor. There were very few 4 rotor engines at all that made it into non-works team Mazda racecars. I think the best U.S. source of info on those motors would be Jim Downing from DowningAtlanta who has raced rotary LM and GT cars for many many years now.

                          Also rotary engines actually do make good torque, at least for their displacement if you consider a 13B to really be 1.3L, (its really more like 2.6), but they dont have the torque down low, they have great high end torque which allows them to make sick hp numbers up in revs where most engines would start to wheeze out.
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                            I was wondering about the CAS on the engine, never seen one like it. Thanks for the info.


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                              Wow.. he runs on stock rims w/ slicks.


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                                It is being rebuilt at the moment. But at the moment it has done a 10.5 sec on stock rims with slicks, stock suspension, stock body, stock 5spd gearbox with heavy duty clutch/lightened flywheel, just had a carbon fibre bonnet, stock brakes, just stripped out. But now it has a air shifter gearbox and skyline axels but it hasn't been back to the strip yet.