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D1 US vs JPN VID pt. I

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  • D1 US vs JPN VID pt. I brings you another compilation from earlier practices and qualifying rounds. Congrats to J.R. for whooping on everyone. I'm still working on stuff from later in the night, as well as the lost 'drift circuit' video from before my computer crashed. woo, enjoy.

    OMGZRIGHTCLICKY (metal version)

    added! -- **click here for the alternate 'mainstream friendly' version**

    visit for our in-depth forums, how-to's, car features, and superior media =)

    ps. If I dont get any responses to this (for example 140 views, 5 replies) I'm taking this video down. later!

    - John
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    Great, thanks for sharing.

    Nice to see a new track layout by the way.


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      ouch my ears


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        Is this...leeeeegal?


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          Originally posted by HoosierDrifter
          ouch my ears
          Dude...I think it's a nice change of pace. Not every drifting vid has to have rap, hip-hop, and emo crap for the music.

          By the the end when the pink FC3S crashed...whoever was laughing is a f'ing dumbazz.
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            well, i get replies elsewhere "put sum trance in durr" or "dat muzic sux" or "hip-hop is da bomb". no offense taken, but D.A. and alot of drifting people listen to metal/rock, which is why the music was chosen to begin with. FORSBERG WON formula D listening to this very band IN his car. Hip-hop and all of that fanboy eurobeat music does not belong in drift media. Thanks for understanding.

            ps..if i had some driftsession footage, I'd make you guys something =)

   boy cyrus is coming out there to hawaii tomorrow from so-cal, he really wants to check out the track if he has time. He's really good, a ueo prodigy, haha. 16v coupe itbs ect...violent intiation. in other words let him drift something if he swings by on a track day.
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              Hell yeah, man...tell him to bring it out to the track if he's around next month. Our next event is Jan 21st. We're pretty much done for this year thanks to the upcoming holidays, etc.

              And I do the videos for us...I can totally understand your post up there, because I've been posting vids since early last year of our competitions and our music videos, but don't get squat as far as replies go. Oh well. I could send you some footage if you like, but I'd have to ask first.

              I have to use royalty free music for our vids, so I usually use trance beats for the intros and outros in the comp vids. I do use local bands from Hawaii though for our music videos...we've got a program called "Local Bands, Local Drifters" that we're trying to promote. Good stuff.

              Anyways, I enjoyed the video it was pretty exciting to see the track, and too bad for Nomuken..that's the second crash in like two-three months for him.


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                man! I know, he crashed hard in okinawa, rear-ended the hell out of it. and NOW THIS! he was pissed and didnt have much to say to me afterwards. I tried to conserve battery and film every other run from the drivers and i saw him start to swing too far and i tried to hit record fast enough...I wish I had a GL-1 with a 4 hour


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                  Originally posted by Coiloverkid
                  Hip-hop and all of that fanboy eurobeat music does not belong in drift media.
                  I disagree, because not everyone who enjoys drifting listens to metal/rock. I am one of them, but I believe who ever makes the vid has the right to use what ever music s/he wants. with that said............

                  great vid, I look forward to part 2
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                    bump for shift lock.


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                      shift-lock kicks *Censored**Censored**Censored*, nice vid


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                        ok, because I'm SUCH a nice guy,

                        I decided to make an alternate 'mainstream friendly' version for all the people that cried about the music. thats TWO versions. someone better pay me for this .. lol.


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                          Who would have thought a white boy in a mustang could win an international drifting competition or canadians could make good metal

                          I dunno that 3 inches of blood has anything in particular to do with cars but it sounds good and has a lot of energy, much better than this rap and hip hop *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*.



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                            hey i love the metal, but i will say there is no style of music directly related to drifting! people like what they like and thats perfectly fine. Speaking on my part i totally dig metal but i wonder if u could use an Ashley Simpson song on there???




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                              yeah i dig the metal, im tired of everyone putting trance in their vids. metal ftw. oh and great vid